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  1. Hi everyone -- Gloria entered the US yesterday and is now an LPR! For those in the Vancouver area, we entered via the Abbotsford/Sumas crossing because we are bringing our pet lovebird and Sumas is the only station with a vet to do the required examination. It was absolutely stress-free compared to a busy crossing like the Peace Arch. Ours was the only car there, and the people were very nice start to finish. A very big thanks to all of you kind folks, particularly @Hawk Riders and the other volunteers who spend so many hours of their time to help others find their way through a complicated and stressful process. You're the best!
  2. A quick update: my wife's interview was October 4th and she received her passport and visa back on October 12th. She had it sent to the local post office and they notified her. Sending good thoughts to all those still waiting!
  3. In the excitement of being approved, I made a mistake re: the petitioner birth certificate. In fact the officer DID ask to see it -- Gloria does not recall if he asked specifically for the original, but she had both the original and a copy with her. Sorry if this post misled anyone! Also, she carried in a binder for all of the paperwork -- others had plastic folders of various kinds.
  4. No, in our case the officer wanted to see applicant birth certificate and marriage docs. The only thing he asked for related to the petitioner was the I-864.
  5. Gloria had her interview this morning and was approved! It took about 90 minutes. She was not asked about vaccination (she is vaccinated of course!). She was also not asked for the updated tax returns she brought even though her case has been delayed so long (submitted documents in 2019, DQ'd Dec. 1, 2020). The officers she talked to were very nice to everyone, by the way, and they seemed to be fully staffed at about 8 officers. All in all, a good experience after the very long wait. We want to thank @Hawk Riders for putting this thread together, and all of the kind people we've encountered here. We learned a lot of important information from all of you! Our best wishes to all who are still waiting -- hang in there, things are finally speeding up!
  6. Yes, we spoke with Dr. Cheema's office and they said as long as you're fully vaccinated and had a negative PCR test entering Canada, they will see you for the medical.
  7. Ah, of course you’re right. It’s the DS confirmation code. Thanks!
  8. Hi, we’re trying to register Gloria’s interview and the form is asking for her “DS-260 number.” Is that the invoice ID number? Hi, we’re trying to register the interview and the form is asking for the “DS-260 number.” Is that the invoice ID number? Anybody know?
  9. We expected to get the IL next month, so now it's hurry up time! Due to other hard commitments, we'll need to book the medical with Dr. Cheema as late as possible. Can anyone point us to info about how long it will take him to get results to Montreal?
  10. Nope, just waiting like everyone else. We're very excited for all of you folks who've been in line with us!
  11. As far as I know, that's no problem. May depend on your exact circumstances though.
  12. US citizens have to file in the US, no matter what country they live in, and if you live in Canada, you have to file there too. Filing both can be a annoying, but the US/CAN tax treaty helps -- you might want to talk to a cross-border tax advisor. As a US citizen living in Canada, I've come to accept that no matter how the tax rates may differ, in the end I'll pay whichever one is higher.
  13. Our I-130 was approved in August 2019, but the DS-260 process got bogged down as they kept asking for other information.
  14. Thank you for posting your letter. I am a US citizen (dual actually) and my wife is Canadian. We've lived in Canada for nearly 20 years. Our sons live in Brooklyn, and were able to add my name to their apartment lease to establish domicile. I also maintain bank accounts etc. in the US. That seems to have been sufficient because my wife was DQ'd Dec. 1, 2020. Waiting patiently (wish). All the best to you in your process!
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