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  1. Hi, my case is currently being processed by the NVC. I live in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. I submitted all the relevant documents including the UK ACRO police certificate, which have all been accepted. However they have asked for a police certificate for Northern Ireland. On the Northern Ireland police website it says they do not issue police certificates but instead people should apply for the ACRO UK certificate. I have responded to NVC with this explanation but I have heard nothing back in over a month. Does anyone have any experience of this issue?
  2. Good point, I will take that into consideration! If I have go to London I think I will have to do my medical over there as well which means two trips over, since they recommend doing your medical no sooner than 5 days before the interview to give them time to send the results to the embassy. However if it will be quicker it will be worth it!
  3. Finally got past the petition stage (only took a year!), yay! My case has now been sent to the NVC. They have recorded my Foreign State of Chargeability as UK (I assume because I was born in Northern Ireland) but I have an Irish passport (due to the unique situation of nationality within Northern Ireland) and I requested in the petition to have my interview in Dublin. The NVC, for some reason, have put London as my interview location. Can I: a) attend the London consulate on my Irish passport for my interview? or b) get the NVC to change the interview location? I sent them an email but they are slow to reply. Thoughts much appreciated, Thanks
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