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  1. Please your date  is near, so hurry up, my husband just got his visa, I will guide you, just send me an email, together with ur phone number, that my email  borngreatanita@yahoo.com

  2. Send me emails on my borngreatanita@yahoo.com, I will guide you through,image.thumb.png.d70afc2f06690ee120c8e5c0da62b1f3.png

  3. Thank you! Lets hope they continue on a semi normal pace!
  4. Thank you! And of course, as soon as his interview is over, I will post our experiences We were dq'd 2-21-20
  5. Its really hard to tell how fast or slow they will continue to process cases. Accra stopped requesting cases mid February 2020 from NVC. We were Dq'd 2-21-20 and just missed the last batch of cases to be forwarded to Accra. I have been waiting for almost 2 years for this interview Hopefully they will continue to request cases and keep a decent speed going. They are almost 2 years behind with people waiting in line, so I imagine it will take quite a while for you to hear from them, lets pray you hear something next year, but no one can really advise when you will receive your interview letter. Just hang in there and dont give up! Your day will come...eventually
  6. Finally after almost 2 years of waiting for an interview, the Embassy in Ghana has received our case and we have our interview on 10-18th! I was wondering what information / documents will be provided , assuming he is approved. Will they request a SSN for him, he will be coming to the United States? I was also wondering about his workers permit, I've found some information online but still not quite sure what we will still have to process after his entry. If anyone knows the steps on him actually becoming a US Citizen as well, we are an Ir1 so not sure if its different for every Visa class?
  7. It seems the Embassy in Ghana is back in business! I woke up this morning to an email from NVC with my interview appointment for 10-18th! Omg...finally we have been dq'd since 2-21-20 and have been waiting for an interview for almost 2 years! We are an Ir1...keep checking your emails, Ghana is back!
  8. Yes they will and have started requesting cases! I finally after being dq'd since 2/21/20 and sitting and waiting for an interview , I woke up this morning to an email from NVC, we finally got our interview appointment for 10-18! I am so excited, I can not stop yelling! Keep an eye out for your emails!
  9. Well your letter indeed is different from the one I was referring to that I received, mine is still at the embassy. As an Ir1 it will remain there until they schedule my interview. K1's are handled by the Embassy and all documents are collected and sent to them. Nvc did just confirm that they do not do the processing of documents for any K1's hence the reason yours was sent to the Embassy..I was wondering why it mentioned applying for the visa, It all makes sense now. Me and my husband are a Ir1 which is processed differently. As far as my timeline, I sadly put little time into updating that, and to be honest, could be off on some of the entries, I'm not really up speed with all the abbreviations etc lol. But either way...any movement is progress! I pray it just continues. I just got off the phone with NVC and she said the same sad old story they have said for almost a good year. Accra is still not scheduling appointments at this time and we are in the queue for an interview. SMH
  10. Congratulations! Good news indeed, Nvc during this mess seems to be the only department attempting to bring families closer together The Embassies though, I'm at a loss for words! Just to clarify, the sent your case to the embassy in Ghana, did they advise they would let you know when an appointment is scheduled? If so, sadly you may be waiting a while for an interview, there are alot of us that have been waiting for an interview, such as myself, I received that letter in 2-20 and have yet to receive an interview We most remain hopeful and patient, this can't continue forever!
  11. That is incorrect, per several recent conversations with NVC, although recommendations are given each Embassy determines the pace of their reopening, not Nvc.
  12. Thank you for the condolences! It makes absolutely no since to suspend all visa services but to stop the little bit of movement you have makes no sense at all. The ambassador is out every week it seems, doing this or that for the community and most of the time its with no masks, so Covid at least in Accra can not be the reason, if it was that severe or if they felt their livelihood was in jeopardy, along with the closer of Visa services, you would not be out and about in the community as she has been..foolishness The picture was posted on the Embassy's site dated July 9th, after they just advised me due to Covid they where suspending all visa services? Interesting....No social distancing, no masks but you are concerned about the health of your worker? Bs Lets not forget about how serious Covid is...but of course planting tree, flowers is more important than the communities health?
  13. I'm pretty much in the same boat as you.. no news yet of our case moving to Embassy. We were dq as of 2-21-20 and our appointment should be coming soon. I also wonder who in the heck they are giving appts to! I did see earlier this year some people here where getting resch due to their first appt being canceled due to covid, they were dq'd the early part of 2020 jan-Feb but that was back in March? I keep thinking we should be getting ours soon as we were dq'd a few weeks after those who posted their interview experience. I would image by now going into August they would been done with resch and review of the canceled appts due to all the proclamations. I did earlier this month request and expedited appointment due to my fathers funeral and the email from Nvc actually said Accra has stopped all Visa services, which absolutely makes no sense, but I guess we will see what happens these last few months of 2021
  14. Thank you for your response. That would make sense if the whole country was shutting businesses down again but as of now, there are no Covid restrictions in Accra. Expect the Embassy? Looks like another political move with Covid as the excuse, just doesn't make sense. If Covid was such an issue, she would not be out there planting trees in the community, giving seminar's left and right for education. Offering classes and opening Domino's pizzas and inaugurating a new direct flight to Ghana, but due to Covid you've suspended all visa services...just stupid and doesn't make sense. But it is what it is, I've learnt that dealing with immigration. they can slow him down but can but I'm free to travel and will do so, planning my trip now
  15. Thank you for your condolences! I just got off the phone with Nvc and he stated that is correct. They where notified this week that they have suspended ALL visa interviews due to Covid! Like what, huh, really???? How in the world that is going to help reduce the back log as they claim on the embassies site, it's just backwards as ####! Hopefully some dummy that did not know better contacted NVC with that information. I hope its all still a HUGE mistake, but what GOD has joined together let no man, nvc or embassy put asunder. I'm planning a trip to Ghana in September to be with my husband for a month! They may slow his process coming to me down, but they sure in heck can't stop me from going to him!!! Dang immigration! UGH
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