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  1. Yeah, it makes no sense asking for it after passing all the requirements for the visa. Thank you though.
  2. Thanks, I've thought of that however you could still file as single.
  3. Philippine CFO is asking a proof of no marriage from me, the US petitioner. I have never been married before and when I contacted my county clerk, they had no idea what I am talking about. Some quick googling, I found a template for Single Status Affidavit Form that I have to get notarize and apostille. Has anybody done this before? What are other forms of proof of single status?
  4. After receiving no response from the US Embassy in Philippines, I emailed them again through a different support link. I assume that it's an automated response; however, I'm at a lost, I don't have any idea how to advance from here. Is someone going through the same issue? Manila is back lockdown again but I did not see any announcement regarding their position. I screenshot the response I received but it basically says I have to file again and start case from scratch, unless, I can prove that it was out of my control. How do I do that precisely? Thank you for any kind of response!
  5. Recently found my petition case had expired; After receiving our NOA2 in 2020, the pandemic was quickly spreading. Travel restrictions made it difficult to pay the fees through the recommended bank by the consulate for the NVC. As a result my case expired without getting scheduled for medical and interview. I emailed the US Embassy in Philippine requesting for an extension of the case and awaiting for their reply. Is there anything else I can do? Please advise. Thank you.
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