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  1. I had my interview today at the Denver office. I travel out of the country on Saturday. She told me I could do the oath the same day and I told her about my travel plans. She said that she will schedule the oath after my trip that way I keep my green card. If they say that the oath will be done that same day tell them about your travel plans and they will schedule for later.
  2. Congratulations! Can you add me to the table. Originally submitted Oct 10th, got RFE Nov 22nd, resubmitted same day. Second RFE Dec 28th, resubmitted same day. Hopefully we finally get DQd
  3. Hi guys, Original submit to NVC Oct 10th, on Nov 22nd I received a message asking for the original birth certificate (RFE). I uploaded the additional document on Nov 22nd, and today I received another RFE saying the original is not legible (rolls eyes) that's why I had originally submitted the digital version (legally this is the accepted form in his country) and the second time I added the original (handwritten in 1994). Today we got another "original copy" from the issuing authority and got it legalized, and submitted. Hopefully they keep they good pace...
  4. Got another RFE, because apparently they can't read the birth certificate. They rejected the firs one which is a digital/updated version and said I needed the other one. I uploaded the other one and because this is an original (1994 copy) they "can't" read it. This is ridiculous, I just want to cry !
  5. From what I am seeing you should receive an answer this week, hopefully in the next two days. Keep us posted!
  6. It looks like you might be next in line. Keep us posted! Good luck!
  7. Hi, so I did something similar. I submitted all the documents on Oct 10th, then I joined the discussions here and saw a lot of RFEs asking for W2s, so weeks after Oct 10th I decided to upload my W2s as additional/optional documents. I was still reviewed under Oct 10th, my understanding is you get reviewed based on the date you uploaded all required documents. In your case, I don't know how it would work in your case since it's a required document but it was uploaded as an additional document. However, there's only a 3 day difference, I'm glad you caught the mistake
  8. Hi again! I had a quick question, is there somewhere where I can get an estimate of how long it could take to get the appointment after getting DQd? I know some people base of their estimates from other people going through the same process but there aren't that many from the Guayaquil Consulate I can compare it to. Any guidance is appreciated!
  9. Hi all! We submitted our documents on Oct 10th and got RFEd on Nov 22nd. My husband's birth certificate was not the right one (in his country there 4 documents that have the same information yet different names). We resubmitted the one they require on Nov 22nd. Back to the end of the line ....
  10. Update! I got an email to open the CEAC system because I had a message. It just said replace birth certificate, I just did today, but nowhere in the email or message did it say RFE. Do you think there might be a chance it gets reviewed today? Or am I going to the back of the line
  11. Congratulations! I also submitted 10/10 hopefully I get DQd by the EOD
  12. From my understanding if you didn't received the email saying you are DQ'd then you are not. Send those documents requested by the RFE as soon as possible. I have seen people getting approved that same day, but you can also go back to the line and have the wait the same amount as people who submit for the first time today.
  13. Nothing so far apparently. They also haven't updated the page with the processing times. I hope they do by the eod.
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