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  1. Hello all, I arrived in the US on 18th August and applied for my social security a couple of days afterwards. I'm on an IR1 visa. My social security application was rejected and I got told that I need to wait for my residence card to arrive in order to get my social security number. This is because my passport name is different to my legal name which I changed through Deed Poll. It's annoying but completely unavoidable as I couldn't update my passport abroad during covid. No-one seemed to know the answer when I asked at SSA, but can I apply for jobs without this number? How long will it likely take to receive this card? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I have just collected my passport with my visa (IR1) attached from London (woohoo). A quick question, or please direct me to the correct forum! On the state department website, it says that I should have received a sealed packet which mustn't be opened - I only received my passport in a small red plastic packet. Should I have received something else? Or have things changed?
  3. Hi, I had my interview a week ago and they asked for th ds-260 application (the actual application, not the confirmation) and the petitioner's tax returns...I even gave 2020 tax returns too. I was lucky because I had my whole folder with me, but I don't recall reading anywhere about taking them. So make sure you take them!!!
  4. Over a year after applying, this morning got my visa approved at the embassy! So happy! Just so you know, it's very busy and they're pretty efficient at getting people seen- I'm positive there will be even more appointments available soon! Thank you again for all your help and advice.
  5. Your DS260 number is on the bottom of the confirmation page, under the barcode....it would have been in an email you received when you submitted the ds260. If you do a quick Google image search, you'll see where I mean.
  6. @DylemmaUK, the same happened to me a while back. You need to give it about a day before registering for the courier and confirming the interview date. It takes their systems a bit of time to update, that's all.
  7. Of course! So I was DQ'd in Moscow in October 2020, then transferred to London in May 2021 sue to finishing a work contract, then June 2021 received an interview date. I wasn't expedited either! Ask away, I don't mind!
  8. The State Department does say that it takes around 3 months to receive an interview under normal conditions from being DQd. As with my case, I was given an interview date this month for next month, so some of us are hearing from the embassy and dates are being given by London - in fact as a VJer predicted, the 3rd week of the month. I know it's really frustrating to be forever waiting, and I'm really sorry to hear about those who are suffering being apart from their partners, it's not fair. Sending my best wishes!
  9. Hi Amanda, I was DQ'd for over 245 days and didn't receive an email the entire time. I was located at a different embassy for 7 of those months, but I suppose that wouldn't matter as the case was at NVC. (CR1 class)
  10. Thank you! I transferred from Moscow, yes. I just thought it would be good for people to hear that dates are being given and I'm sure it won't be too long for more recent DQers. Also wanted to say thanks for everyone's posts, it has been really comforting to know that I'm not alone and haven't been forgotten about which was what I thought after waiting for so long in Moscow. London has been really efficient and very speedy, so I have my fingers crossed for everyone!
  11. Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I recently received an interview date by the NVC. My case is a little different in that it was transferred from a different embassy and has been DQ'd since October 2020. So I think that recent DQers are just around the corner for London. It's really upsetting to read that people are in such a difficult situations with their families, but sometimes all the speculation isn't especially helpful - I hope that this news gives people some optimism.
  12. Immigrant and non-immigrant processing are completely different. One isn't related to the other so don't worry.
  13. Hi everyone, I have seen a few posts about waiting on interviews at the embassy in London, and thought it would be helpful if I could add a couple of things. As I can see, London is incredibly efficient in comparison to many other countries. In terms of wait time, I know people across Europe and Russia who are still waiting to hear about an interview from May last year, and earlier. I can see that people are getting interviews who have DQ'd within the last few months, so just trust, it's better to wait it out and you'll get good news in no time! Again, from my observations of this forum and how quickly the embassy has replied to my emails and helped transfer etc I think we're in a good situation.
  14. Hi all, where are you guys checking your status'? ceac.gov/iv?
  15. Okay great, I'll keep my fingers crossed! It seems strange that my case didn't even leave NVC even when the interview location was in Moscow - 7 months seems like a long time after DQ. Hopefully things will be different at the London location!
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