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  1. Hello Areej,


    Please share what happened with your case. I'm very nervous about this situation. I just received the NOA1 for the applications that I filed. I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly. 




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    2. A & Y Morocco

      A & Y Morocco

      Hello Areej,


      Thank you for sharing your experience and advice from your lawyer. I am very nervous because a high profile lawyer from DC told me that my husband would have to go back to his country to have a consulate interview. I do not understand why. Its just a crazy situation. I feel like something is hanging over my head. 




    3. Areej


      I am surprised a lawyer told you that, did your lawyer filed your I-130 or you did? On I-130 you choose either counselor processing or adjustment status within the states by selecting your respective filed office.

      We did research for a whole month, I filed all the paperwork myself, we hired a lawyer recently only so they can represent us in the interview because of missing the 90 day deadline 

    4. Areej


      Have you gotten your NOA1 for 1-485?

  2. @ A&Y Morocco, my husband came on a K1 visa but we failed to get married in 90 days due to pandemic, we have submitted the I-130 along with other applications but did not withdraw the fiancé visa petition
  3. Hello Everyone, My PD is Nov/2020, biometrics on 2/9/20201 and since then case is stuck on Fingerprints taken is that normal?
  4. @aaron2020 thank you, it gives me a little confidence lost our sleep ever since then
  5. @aaron2020 I did file for AOS with I-130 but my husband and I are worried we might get denied because we did not follow the 90 day rule
  6. @aaron2020 yes got married 5 days after the 90 day period
  7. Is there anyone in the group on K1 who failed to marry within 90 days. Really in a tough situation failed to get married within 90 days due to family emergencies
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