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  1. Yes this one. The name slipped my mind, which is why I didnt include it in my original post.
  2. I am currently in USA.. I am on OPT and I would like to know if I have any chance of getting an EB visa.. because I have a potential job opportunity lined up as a research analyst in a university but they wont sponsor H1B or anything else.. my degree is a PhD in Education and I am a Canadian citizen I was looking up the 10 point criteria, out of which you have to meet three, and I think I do: Documentation of the alien's membership in associations in the field for which classification is sought, which require outstanding achievements of their members, as judged by recognized national or international experts in their disciplines or fields --- I am a member of the american educational research association, have presented at their conferences and peer reviewed proposals, and only grad students, faculty and professional educators can join and membership is quite pricey Published material about the alien in professional or major trade publications or other major media, relating to the alien's work in the field for which classification is sought. Such evidence shall include the title, date, and author of the material, and any necessary translation --- I have three peer reviewed research papers with my name on them, I have peer reviewed other research journals and I have peer reviewed conference proposals Evidence of the alien's participation, either individually or on a panel, as a judge of the work of others in the same or an allied field of specialization for which classification is sought -- the peer reviews for conferences and journals as mentioned above I think once I have my job sorted out, I can add that criteria too, especially if it can be like "researcher at a university".. Do I have a chance at all or am I just grasping at straws here and should pack up and leave?
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