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  1. For what it is worth, here is my timeline (based on the tip provided by @seetsuh in this thread back in March): April 20, 2021 - Sent Social Security Application with my Passport Card via FedEx to Social Security Office in Dallas May 8th, 2021 - Received my Passport Card via USPS Certified Mail and Letter of Receipt (stating that I am to expect my new Social Security Card in about two weeks) from the Field Office Manager, Dallas May18th, 2021 - Received the Social Security Card via standard USPS mail
  2. @DC909 - This is very beneficial! Deeply appreciate posting the detailed timeline!
  3. Great to hear that @eddieboo4321@gmai! Congratulations and have a safe trip! Posting this from flight (WiFi slow but glad to have it).
  4. @MagentaLife - Thank you 🙏 ! Just remember you are at the very end of this Marathon! What stressed me out more than anything was the rare possibility of getting a traffic ticket in the last few days just before the ceremony. So just be careful when driving. I have read several anecdotes in other threads here and in other forums of folks getting ticketed in the last few days and not being able to get all the tickets paid and bring the "proof" to the ceremony. In most cases, they managed to get it all resolved but that possibility stressed me out till the Oath Ceremony was over. Wishing you a stress free 14 days... as of today only 13... (take it one day at a time).
  5. Thanks @ImmiGeek! Your notes need to be made into a book 😇 ! My Experience of the Passport Process: (Some of you may think I am nuts but so be it... documenting it for those who like me like/love details. Others, please ignore this) 1. Purchased Airline Tickets and printed out the Itinerary from the Airline's Website 2. Printed out the Confirmation Email from the Passport Agency (Dallas). After security downstairs, I took the elevator to 11th floor and go to Suite# 1120. Suite's Glass Door is shut and the Security Office inside verified my confirmation number to a printout. (The confirmation number is very important and the Security Officer will NOT let you in if you do not show/tell him the 8 digit confirmation number. ) Additionally, only show up at Suite 1120, 15 minutes before your appointment. I was there 21 minutes before my appointment and was told to take the elevator to ground floor and wait. Cannot wait in the 11th floor lobby per Security Office. Exactly 15 minutes before my interview I came back up and the Security Office verified my Confirmation number to his printout and I was sent to Counter # 1 where the Dallas Passport Agency person reviewed these documents Confirmation Email (Printed out) Passport Form (Pre-filled via the Form Filler at https://pptform.state.gov/). DO NOT SIGN the form Naturalization Certificate (Original) and PhotoCopy Driver's License (Original) and PhotoCopy Printed Itinerary of Travel / Electronic Ticket(s) The Agency person then gave me a paper token (with a number on it) and told me to sit. There were only 4 other people in the entire area. Within minutes, my token was called and I proceeded to the window where the Agent reviewed all the documents listed above. Fees $235 was collected via CC. I was told to await a text to my cell phone in about 2 hours and then come back when I get the text. The Agent had me take of my mask temporarily to verify my face to the Drivers License and then told me to raise right had to swear that the info in the Passport form was accurate and the photograph submitted was my likeness. Then he had me sign the passport form. When I received the text (in exactly 2 hours), I went through the security again (as I had gone to my car which was parked in the paid parking lot across the street) and rode up the elevator to the 11th floor. The same Security Officer verified my text on my cell phone, before he let me in. Back to Counter #1 where I was given a Blue Envelope with my "Shiny" new passport book, passport card, my precious Naturalization Certificate. I was asked to verify the Passport before I left the office. In my case, I also had photocopies of my Drivers license and the Naturalization Certificate Ready with me when I submitted. As my appointment was approximately 1 hour after the Naturalization Ceremony, I wondered how I could get a photocopy made (instead of trying to convince the Passport Agency Personnel to make one and probably make them cross). As I mentioned earlier, some of you may think I am nuts (but I am always over-prepared by nature). I had ordered an HP ENVY 6055 Wireless Printer and a 150 W Car Power Inverter that I used to make multiple copies (and scanned it via the HP Envoy to my iPhone) of the Naturalization Certificate before I left the USCIS Parking Lot. So if someone saw me with my trunk open and standing and making copies .... it was me.... 😁. Since I had all the required copies (ID & NC) and the other docs, the Agent was extremely happy and said, if others would bring everything so organized, it would be very easy. Well... after this long post, I am going to take a quick break!
  6. Appreciate the wishes and certainly wishing you both the same @bzbee and @eddieboo4321@gmai! A long arduous journey came to an end for me early this AM! Here are some details if it is useful to anyone: Per the USCIS Supervisor who administered the Oath, approximately 300 applicants were being naturalized today at the Irving, TX office. Time Slots: 7:30 AM. 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 1:45PM The Oath Ceremony was held simultaneously by two Supervisors (On the Ground Floor and 1st Floor). Approximately 20 - 25 per floor. The Oath Ceremony took about 20 minutes from start to finish (Instructions on verify the Naturalization Certificate, Don't Laminate, Sign Only in Black Ink, Register to Vote, Apply for Passport, and Update Citizenship Status in 14 days - Social Security) Regarding my passport, I have such an amazing info to share. As I had mentioned, I had an URGENT trip planned and ticketed on Tuesday (4/13) and managed to get an appointment at the Dallas Passport Agency at early AM today. (This was such a touch-and-go situation due to trying to schedule the appointment - countless phone calls and kept checking frequently at the https://passportappointment.travel.state.gov/ site). Anyway, reached the Dallas Agency (at 1100 Commerce St) at 9:00 AM and received the passport book and card at 11:00 AM. Whew! Now I can actually breathe after all the stress! (Well... after the journey, some of the other items may need to be done - Updating Citizenship Status at SS, Updating Global Entry with Citizenship Status, Registering to Vote etc) I want to take a minute to thank so many of you here at VJ for your encouragement, valuable tips and thoughts! @bzbee @eddieboo4321@gmai @MagentaLife @ImmiGeek - Special thanks to each of you!
  7. Congratulations and thanks very much for posting @bird_seeker_dalla! It is great to hear about the same day Oath in the USCIS Irving, TX office! Dallas office process appears (at last) to be catching up with other offices which already had the same day Oath process.
  8. 345,600 seconds or so ... counting every second 😎
  9. @Patsy P - During the naturalization interview just let the IO know about the inadvertent omission.
  10. The requirements for naturalization are pretty straightforward. 18 Years old Residency requirements that you have to meet Person of good moral character You have filed all your tax returns that are required You have to show that you don’t owe any money in child support (if divorced and if applicable) You have to disclose all your criminal cases (if any and if applicable) Passing the English and Civics Test It is true that there is a part of the application where you have to list your biographical information, including listing where you’ve worked with the address for your employment and the dates of employment for the past five years. However as pointed out above by @Lucky Cat being employed or having a job is not a requirement for naturalization. If you are yet to find a job when you file your application for naturalization, don't fret it! At your interview (if you still are unemployed) and if a question is asked "where do you work?" - you could say, “I’m in between jobs right now. I’m looking for a job.” Regarding your comment "My english is not good.." Recommend you spend some time looking for an English or Citizenship Prep class in your neighborhood. (Unless you can ask for an exemption to or waiver of the English language requirement in case you qualify for “50/20” or “55/15” English language exemption) @dnhk - Wishing you the best of luck in your move, new life and finding a suitable job soon!
  11. @Gloria asamoah - What has helped me in some of the dark /depressing moments that enveloped me is to think of this entire process as a Marathon and we are at the very near end. Only a few more steps to go.... Yes it IS tiring, stressful, worrisome, lonely, depressing and feels like the weigh of the world is us but just hang in there for a few more steps...... Sometimes, if something is not completely clear for the Officer, they usually seek a second opinion of a supervisor before making a final decision. There are several threads in the forum that started with "A Decision Cannot be Made..." to "Oath Ceremony Scheduled". I read somewhere (not able to recall) - Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. You have lots of VJ Marathoners here who wish you nothing but success!!!
  12. @MagentaLife - I concur with @bzbee . Does not appear that you need the misplaced Work Authorization Card. You may want to take a look at the 3rd bullet point of "What to Expect at Your Naturalization Ceremony" at the USCIS Website which states: "You must return your Permanent Resident Card to USCIS when you check in for your naturalization ceremony. This requirement is waived if you provided proof during the naturalization interview that the card has been lost and you have attempted to recover it, or if, because of your military service, you were never granted permanent residence. You will no longer need your Permanent Resident Card because you will receive your Certificate of Naturalization after you take the Oath of Allegiance." Soon (ceteris paribus) I bet you will be celebrating and all this will be a forgotten stress point 😁
  13. @bzbee and @eddieboo4321@gmai - 9 More days and counting!
  14. @Texas003 - Generally, the answer is yes (you can travel). While there are no restrictions on short international travel when you apply for naturalization, or after you have been recommended to naturalize or are awaiting your oath ceremony, one has to take into consideration any COVID-19 restrictions. USCIS will also not permit you to enter its offices for your oath ceremony if you have recently traveled. (14 days prior oath ceremony in this case). Pl take that into consideration while you plan your trip.
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