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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I know you are excited! Im sooo happy for you! Me and my husband have been in Jersey for 3 days and it’s such a blessing. FYI, the aport customs was a breeze. They only asked him why was he coming to America. He said for my wife and my daughters and he was processed within 5 minutes!
  2. When I got this email it took another day to get the approval. They sent it to you on Friday so you’ll probably get a response today or tomorrow in the evening. My response came after 5:30pm.
  3. Thank you! I was denied an expedite during the i -130 process. I was so disappointed because I was going through a lot. I tried again when it was at the NVC. Through the public inquiry portal I attach a copy of my Covid diagnosis and explained my hardship of recovery being that I don’t have family where I live and I have 3 children one of which is my husbands. I explained as best I could so that the knew I needed him. I wish you all the best and hope they schedule you soon!
  4. Yes best of luck I hope you really explained the challenge your having without your spouse. They should approve you soon. He said his interview went smoothly he was interviewed twice by two different people. They were making sure he provided the same answer. And they only asked a few questions. And was approved on same day! Visa ready for pick up today. Documents he needed were passport, police certificate, marriage certificate and his birth certificate
  5. Update husband had interview yesterday the only documents he needed was his passport, police certificate, marriage license and his birth certificate. He had all the documents on the pre interview checklist and the translated copies and they didn’t need it they told him. I’m was shocked. I went through a lot trying to organize and get all of the documents on that list.
  6. Document qualified in Feb. We had interview yesterday! And approved.Try to file for an expedite . It’s the only way. They say they are only doing 15 interviews per day and emergencies get the priority.
  7. Applied for I-130 July 2020. Approved Jan. 30. Sent to NVCFeb2. Case created Feb3. Paid fees on Feb. 4th. Submitted documents to NVC Feb 22. Approved Feb 24th. March 10th filed expedite due to medical reason. I thought the process for filing for the expedite was going to be difficult but it wasn’t. I sent it through the public inquiry portal. Wrote why and attached one document of my diagnosis. Not sure if that’s how it normally goes but it worked for me. We were Approved for the expedite April 6th. Interview is scheduled on the 28th.
  8. Thank you! Yes I’m praying his interview goes smooth. Applied for I-130 July 2020. Approved Jan. 30. Sent to NVC Feb2. Case created Feb3. Paid fees on Feb. 4th. Submitted documents to NVC Feb 22. Approved Feb 24th. March 10th filed expedite due to medical reason. Approved April 6th. They say they are working hard to get interviews scheduled. The document says one person is allowed to assist. But I’m not required to be at the interview. I hope you are able to get your mom here soon.
  9. I caught Covid unfortunately. And have no family support here in New Jersey. So I explained the challenges of caring for my self and my 3 children one of which is my husband’s, while dealing the the virus and trying to get better. I submitted proof of the diagnosis and attached it to the public inquiry form. Thank God I am doing much better now.
  10. We finally have an interview date set. And the consulate sent the letter and it described that my husband needs the original birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport and d260 confirmation page. And that is it. Now, I’ve been prepping a folder with my tax return transcripts, copies of our passports. I’ve been going off the pre interview check list. Which has a lot more documents needed for interview date. I’m nervous that he will get there and not have everything he needs. And I’m not sure how to mail these documents to DR without them getting lost. Anybody have experience with this can give me some insight.
  11. Hey guys just an update I received an email today with the NVC approving my expedite request for an interview. I had applied for it March 10th through the public inquiry portal. And yesterday I received an email stating they were reviewing my case. And today received the approval notice!
  12. My advice, have him come visit you first. Get to know him face to face before you stay in his house for 3 months. He should absolutely meet your parents and friends so they know you will be in safe hands when you are ready to visit the states. Also, he’s much older than you so why would your parents have to finance the trip. You two are the ones in love, make sure your not giving yourself away so easy. He should be able to pay for your flight if you do choose to come to the states. He needs to show his intention and ability to support you for a little while. Believe me, you start paying for everything you will feel like you were being taken advantage of if it doesn’t work out.
  13. This wait is so frustrating. We’ve celebrated being approved and all hopes are high. Every time my phone dings mon-fri, I think it’s THE email to set the interview date. Its making me crazy 😅. Waiting 90 day fiancé sometimes I wish I had did the K1 visa years ago and he would already be here.
  14. I filed a I-130. I’m trying to see if anyone has received an interview date from the NVC. All forms were accepted a the NVC on Feb 24. That process went very fast. I submitted my paperwork on Monday morning and by Wednesday evening it was accepted. But since then, nothing. I called the consulate in Santo Domingo and it says they are open and preforming routine services.
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