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  1. UPDATE: Received an email yesterday from my State Representative, with Subject Title "Good News". She was able to contact the Embassy and spoke to them about reviewing the case again. And, they concluded that, they found the wet stamp on the back to be sufficient to proceed with the case. My fiance's case has been approved for printing and she should receive her passport with visa, in the upcoming weeks. When I informed my fiance' at first, she didn't believe me. hahaha But I showed her the email and convinced her it was real and we went crazy happy! If you are having any issues with your visa journey, don't be afraid to contact your State Representative. (Senator and/or House Representative) they really want to help you. Thank you, everyone for all the information and support, Randy and Erika
  2. That's not true. We only dealt with this one person. They are very short staffed in Bogota. There was no one else with him, and he was the one to decide that the document wasn't original, when in fact it was. Government entities (in the US), don't store paper documents from 45 years ago. It can only be printed from the digital original and stamped and certified.
  3. No, I gave him, both, the certified copy from the Superior Court as well, accidentally gave the copy that was for my records. I also, gave him the receipt from the Superior Court showing that it was an original.
  4. I am going to get another copy from the Superior Court and, also, contact an attorney. We filed filed the petition, just before the COVID shut downs and had waited almost two years. It was very devistating when we thought we had everything covered.
  5. Yes, I have a representative that is helping me. The funny thing is that my fiance said the officer was definately a Colombian and not an American, because she could tell by his dialect. He did not seem to be very experienced to me, either. My fiance' and I have been together for over 4 years and we love each other very much. But, we do, have a large age gap that I knew would raise a flag. But, we have an immense amount of proof of our relationship, of photos and plane tickets, etc. She told me the officer asked her how her mother felt about her marrying an old man. She told him her mother loves me and that she was also there if he wanted to talk to her. He kept giving me dirty looks and he seemed very unprofessional. He never, asked to speak to me, either, but I guess that'snormal.
  6. I brought the one from the Superior Court with the stamp and signature. As a side note, I also had a copy that was for my own records that I accidently gave to the officer, also. But, I was never allowed to talk to him, even though I was standing their with my fiance'
  7. After 2 years, we finally had our interview, but it wasn't what was expected. We worked hard and had everything together, we thought. But the consulate officer said the divorce decree wasn't the original. I was with my fiance, but wasn't able to say anything.The issue is that the divorce decree document was the one sent to me as a certified copy. Nothing else was available from the court, as the divorce was over 45 years ago and the originals had been destroyed and everything was digital. It had the certification stamp on the back and it was signed. It is a legal document. Nothing else is available. As a side note, my fiance and I have a large age gap, but we have been together for over 4 years and have plenty of proof of the relationship. She told me the officer asked what her mother thought about our relationship, which seemed rude. I'm going to get another document and send it to the CEAC. Does anyone have any suggestions? Other than that, I think we are good. I'm also talking to a case worker for my state representative, and she's going to try to find out what we can do. It really irks me that these people can mess with honest peoples lives, when every day their letting 100s if not 1000s of illegals in and being a lot less scrutinizing.
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