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  1. Ill take note of that but i think too late now coz we already filed 🥺
  2. Newbie here , hope everyone is having a great day! this is a question about our marriage certificate , to start with a lil background on this my issue LOL , so here in my country (Philippines) men can be legally married when they're 26 of age ( idk why ) but everything on our wedding are all set like invitations , flight tickets and everything.. so we cant change it since some of my relatives abroad already booked and coming to our wedding date , luckily a priest agreed to marry us btw my husband will be 26 yrs old days after our wedding , so our marriage certificate is dated January 31, 2016 , but we got married on dec 12, 2015 since we didn't put this date because my husband is only 25 yrs old by that time and he will be 26 on dec 26 , 2015 , so in our marriage certificate wedding date indicated January 31,2016 and in a different venue as well since the priest assistant or wedding coordinator did all the paper work everything fortunately is all legal just different date and venue and they advised us when its my time for usem interview just follow on what's on our marriage certificate instead since the pictures are almost the same as the venue indicated on the certificate, so my question is should we follow their advise ? , to just follow what's on the certificate?
  3. Hi there I'm new here and we just filed our cr1 visa , i have one question that is kinda related to marriage certificate , we got married here in the philippines last 2015 , but in our marriage certificate it shows that we got married in the year of 2016 and also different location, reason is the minister who married us processed everything he did all the work because it will be faster process so he put a different date and place , so my question is should we correct all the details or just follow whats on the certificate , since our pictures didnt show the name of the real venue? and didnt show the exact date of our wedding ?
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