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  1. We submitted the I-539 online just yesterday. The Receipt number starts with MCT..... so not sure which USCIS center will be involved. We might get the Hard copy of the Receipt Notice in next few days. The USCIS Customer service Rep asked us to send a letter to Potomac Center requesting them to make correction from 'B1' to 'B2' in our I-539 application.
  2. Actually we did not submit a Paper I-539 form. We submitted it Online through the USCIS account. So not sure how we can get a corrected I-539 form. We have sent an online message to USCIS mentioning about this 'B1' issue. But dont know when USCIS will reply to it
  3. Ok 😞 In that case, I just have to wait for the result, whenever it comes....
  4. Thank you for your helpful posts. I have already applied Online for his I-539 extension yesterday and the receipt number has been generated. In next few days I will try to get the correction from 'B1' to 'B2' in his application. It seems that the extension result will come after he leaves for India on 29th Jun 2021. If there is denial for his extension request and still if his visa in his passport remains valid, then that would be very helpful.
  5. Ok 😞 This is scary. But if he leaves USA before he gets the decision, then what happens in that case?
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong. But the duration from I-94 expiry till you get a denial decision should be considered a period of Authorized stay right? If the person leaves within 3-4 days of getting denial Or if he leaves before getting the denial decision in that case, what happens to his B2 visa?
  7. You are correct. His plan is to leave on 30th Jun 2021 and the USCIS decision may not come by that time. So most probably he will leave before the decision is made. In that case if he gets a denial long after he has left for India, what happens to his B2 visa status?
  8. I am not so much worried about the time taken by USCIS to make a decision. More worried about what if they reject his I-539 form saying that we chose the wrong Visa class (B1 instead of B2) in the application form. We have sent Online message to USCIS requesting them to correct this error in our form. But dont know what USCIS will do 😞
  9. Thank you for your reply. The reason that we gave for requesting extension is that the Covid situation has worsened in India in last few days especially in his Home state of Maharashtra. And he is a Diabetic, so we requested for a 4 month extension so that the situation may improve in his state in those 4 months. Right now more worried about what USCIS will do in response for selecting B1 instead of B2 in the extension application form 😞
  10. The purpose of his visit and now the purpose of his extension are both for meeting me and my family. Its NOT for Business. We asked USCIS Customer service and they asked to send online message from his USCIS account to request for correction. But we are not sure what USCIS will reply and when they will reply. His current I94 expires on 28th Feb 2021 😞
  11. The visa issued to my Father in Law is 'B1-B2'. But the Online I-94 issued shows the Class of Admission : B2. When the I-539 extension was applied online the first question was :- 'What is your current nonimmigrant status?' The dropdown for the answers contained options like B1, B2 but there was no option to select 'B1-B2'. So we selected the option 'B1' and submitted the application and paid the fees of $455 online. We want to know that is it alright to select the 'B1' option from the dropdown. Or will there be any issue in our application? If there will be an issue, how can we fix this? His current I-94 expires on 28th Feb 2021 Please advise... Less
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