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  1. I have read online and several other places that the NOA2 can automatically be extended for another 4 months. I did email the embassy today and they said they are still dealing with cases from 2019. Usually the embassy will extend the NOA2 automatically. (According to posts online and lawyers posts on YouTube). There's still no communication between him and I and I feel like I need to know for certain whether or not he truly wants it. So I will be patient and just pray for the best things work out.
  2. I have all my documents except for my medical and the I-134 and his documents. We were at that stage. I was waiting for him to send me his things so I could go ahead with DS160 and the medical because all this is costly as well. I'm still waiting... hoping that he will figure things out. I was just concerned that our NOA2 expire on the 3rd of July 2021. Is there anyway I can extend that? I haven't scheduled an interview yet, I cannot do it without the documents. Thank you everyone.🌹
  3. Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice. I haven't scheduled the interview just yet but I do believe the case is ready at the embassy. I was awaiting documents from my fiancé and that's when this whole thing happened. Our NOA2 expires on 3rd July 2021. Does this affect the process if we had to work things out? That's what gave me anxiety in the first place is the fact that this whole thing would be for nothing or we would not make the date. Just to clarify, the case is ready at the embassy but I haven't gone ahead and filled a DS160 yet or scheduled the appointment.
  4. I agree. There has been loads of ups and downs. An emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Waiting on USCIS.. Waiting for NVC Not knowing what is going on... And then this. I can't really describe the emotions right now. It is a lot to deal with.
  5. I agree and I understand. Thank you for your kind words and prayers🙏
  6. We had a couple of setbacks. Waited 9 months for NOA2. Then had an error on the name so that needed to be changed. I had to move back to my home country as well but the NVC sent our petition to the wrong embassy in the country that I was residing in. Everything has been really stressful.. and I spoke to him about it. It has been overwhelming. I guess in the end all I can do is wait and see if the love is strong enough to go ahead with everything. 💞
  7. Thank you. It was and wasn't. I am just trying to stay positive and praying that it will work out. I do love him very much and I hope that the situation will become better. 🙏 Thank you everyone for the comments. I pray and will stay positive that things work out. 🙏
  8. I agree. We currently aren't talking anymore. In fact the whole argument had to do with K1 process and I think I overwhelmed him a bit. It is truly heartbreaking because we waited so long. Almost year now, every time there was an update I was so excited. I really love him. I still pray that things will work out. I am praying everyday. This whole process has been really stressful. I will wait a few days and not do anything yet.
  9. Yes I know that. Just need to know if I have to cancel anything. Yes, I have PTSD ASWELL.
  10. What happens when he decides to break up with you right before the whole interview? 😰 Oh lord :(
  11. Thanks. I have done that multiple times. Also, Guangzhou Embassy in China is an online inquiry form so there's no way to send a direct email to them other than using the online form. 😕 I'm a bit worried
  12. Hi! I am having a lot of trouble trying to get the Embassy in Guangzhou, China to transfer my case over to Johannesburg, South Africa. I have contacted both, and both are telling me that they need requests from each other. I have even forwarded the email that I received from Guangzhou, to the SA embassy. Does anyone know what I can do? I sincerely could do with the help. This has been going on for about 2 weeks now.
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