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  1. Thank you for the clarification!
  2. I see, thank you so much!
  3. Good day! Just want to ask if you will be allowed to return to your home after you do the swab test at PAL facility? I have a flight on Friday and will do the swab test tomorrow. Someone told me I won't be allowed to return home because they will quarantine me after the test. Is that true? I was asked through PAL's health online form, where I want to be quarantined and I put home.
  4. Thank you for the response! Can I also change it online while I'm still in my home country, by filing AR-11 online?
  5. Good day! My husband moved into another address a week after my interview and few weeks before the visa was issued. My question is, should I also file AR-11 form, aside from my husband, even if I'm not there yet? My husband said he already filed change of address and the USCIS already emailed him the approval of the request. But when I checked the mailing address on the USCIS portal the old address is still there. So I updated it with the new one but still not sure if something else should be done. Thank you so much! - IR1 category - Flying to the US on the March 5th
  6. Alright, thank you! Will try to change it as well, then update on this thread how it'll go. 😊
  7. Hi! I'm having the same issue right now. Just want to ask if you were able to change it through the online form? Thank you!
  8. Good day! I just got my passport with a visa today but upon checking I noticed that one of the annotations on the visa says "Class A or B (TB) Req Attn of USPHS at POE", as seen on the picture. Then when I checked the other paper that was included in the packet, it says that such annotation means I have to enter the US with my passport and a yellow packet. But then again, the problem is, I didn't receive any yellow packet! Is this normal???
  9. Hi all, my visa just got issued today but my passport is still at the embassy. Now my question is, can I leave few days before my visa and medical expires? I underwent sputum that's why the validity of my medical is only for 3 months. Had my interview on January 22 and the visa just got issued today. My medical will be expiring on March 12 and since I don't have my passport yet, and there are few things I still needed to do, I don't think I'll be able to leave soon. Will there be a problem if I leave a week or maybe 4 days before my medical expires? Thank you for the response!
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