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  1. Hello everyone, For those who entered the U.S. through land-border crossing, I have a question: If I am importing the car with me, do I need to have any document other than Canadian registration, DOT form HS-7, EPA Form 3250 and customs form and FMVSS compliance letter from the manufacturer? Also, if my car has the EPA label, do I still need to present the EPA form? Where can I access these forms? Do I need to fill them myself or from the dealer or any other authority? If I have the compliance letter, do I still need to get TPMS in car? What are the charges and cost of importing US manufactured car? If I choose not to import it, how can I keep the car in Washington state for up to a year? How will ICBC insurance work in this case? And will I be able to drive the car for 1 year with canadian license? I know these topics have been discussed in detail, but I would appreciate if someone clarifies these. Thanks!
  2. Thank you soo much for the detailed reply! You have cleared up a lot of questions in my mind. Importing seems like a lot of hassle! I don't believe my 2010 Toyota Camry would have FMVSS if your 2014 model didn't have it. I hope I am able to sell it off before my departure on 20th. I have listed in on Marketplace, Autotrader & kijiji. Any other suggestions?
  3. Hello, I have been a silent member but got immense help from this group. Thanks to everyone here for sharing their experiences! I had my interview on Feb 24 and received passport on March 7th in Vancouver. We plan to move to Seattle around March 20th. Have a few questions: 1) Is there a negative COVID test required at land border crossing? 2) What forms and documents are needed at POE for customs? 3) I have a 2010 Toyota Camry (have not been able to sell it off), so looking for options to take it with me. How can I take the car with me without importing it at the moment? How will insurance and licensing work in Washington state during the one year before registration? For the other option, if I import it, what are the documents that I need to have to present at POE? What are the next steps to do in Washington to register the car? Looking for firsthand experiences. Thanks!
  4. Hello, My interview was on 24th Feb 2021 at US Consulate Montreal. I was approved (given the white 'welcome to United States' letter) and my application status changed to "Issued" the same day (at CEAC website). However, the details under this status state that the visa will be issued after necessary administrative processing which may take several weeks. I was not told at the time of the interview that more documents are required or anything about administrative processing. I am confused now whether it is the normal procedure. Did anybody experience the same thing? What was the final status at CEAC before your passport was delivered? Does it remains "Issued" or changes to something else? I have opted for premium delivery and have not received any delivery notification.
  5. Can the interviewer at US Consulate Montreal access the USC (petitioner) travel history (by land border) to Canada? The petitioner works in U.S., has a valid U.S. driver's license, car insurance & registration, health insurance and phone contract. He visited me (beneficiary) for some (extended) time last year after I had an accident to take care of our son. Is it going to affect his domicile (considering Montreal is v strict on domicile)?
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