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  1. Thank you so much! I'm incredibly sorry for the super-belated reply, I'm trying to focus on exams and I'm leaving both internet and the visa process aside to not get too stressed.
  2. I just realized I haven't introduced myself yet, so hello everyone! I'm an Italian postgrad student, dealing with my last exams, the life at my parents' place again after many years alone, and an intercontinental long-distance relationship! My fiancé is a purebred Wisconsinite, and he was my very first contact with the US. I am from the very South of Italy, but I lived for 9 years in Tuscany, and one in the UK. We met on a penpals forum, started chatting cause I had just moved back to Italy after a year in Scotland and I wanted to keep practicing with English, and he speaks Italian (he loves Italy and was planning to move here when he retires. I always tell him that he wants to marry me only to obtain the citizenship) but it was getting rusty. None of us was looking for a relationship, but the good intention to stay friends lasted maybe a month, or less haha. So here we are now, with our journey with the k1 visa just at its beginning. We haven't met since late april last year due to the travel ban, but we're looking forward to hugging again, and starting to plan our life together.
  3. I came to say the same! My fiancé just told me that the USCIS payment showed up on his credit card, yay!
  4. Heeello, february filers here too! I-129F sent on Feb 1st 2021 I-129F received on Feb 3rd 2021. No receipt yet, crossing fingers hard.
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