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  1. Thanks for responding.  One last question regarding the medical.  Did you have to go twice, once for lab work and then a little later for the actual review?  What were the dates in relation to your interview?  Many thanks!


    Sorry - one more question.  Regarding your ASC biometrics - did you arrange an appointment through the YATRI system?  Thanks

    1. raphy2021


      No worries, If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me I will answer as soon as I can. Yes I went there twice. I actually asked the doctor if I could go ahead and do some of the exams already before my consultation with her and she actually said yes. So I went to the clinic and she told me all the exams I had to do. Then on the same day I did all of them. On the day of the actual consultation I had to take 3 vaccines then that was it.


      The US Consulate scheduled my appointment at the RIO ASC on the same day of my interview. The Rio ASC even called my phone number 3 times to confirm I was going there.





      • December 29th 2020   Expedite Request sent to NVCExpedite@state.gov
      • January 08th 2021 NVC acknowledges that they received it and are reviewing it
      • January 16th 2021 US Consulate accepted my expedite request
      • January 19th 2021 I got an email from NVC saying that my immigration appointment was cancelled even though there was no such appoint scheduled in the first place
      • January 20th 2021 NVC sends an email saying that my case was expedited and sent to the US Consulate 
      • January 21st 2021 US Consulate contacts me and asks where I am willing to do my medical exams (Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo or Rio)
      • January 22nd 2021 US Consulate gets me in touch with physician of choice and authorizes me to do my medical exams.
      • January 29th 2021 Medical exams were completed
      • February 2nd 2021 US Consulate contacted me after receiving the medical exams and scheduled my interview to February 08th 2021 at 10am. Also they instructed me to go to the RIO ASC at 7am to have my biometrics/fingerprints taken.
      • February 8th 2021 I went to the RIO ASC to have my biometrics taken at 7am and I had my interview. Visa was approved and issued on the same day. The officer who interviewed me even danced after she saw I got it on my passport. 
  2. Congrats, that's great! Did they say when you would get your passport back? Thanks
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