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  1. Any one filed in April to “Vermont” and get his case changed to finger print were taken ?? my case was received since April 1st and no updates since then.
  2. So I got my NOA1 at 26th April It said Received date ( 4/1 ) Notice date ( 4/21 ) what does that mean ? Should I count from April 1st or 21th ? As I know that biotmetric Notice would be with one month but not sure from which date I should count ?
  3. Guys I called them and they said that I sent that card by mistake( in sealed envelope) and they opened it and sent it back to me
  4. Really! I think everyone got interviewed for the conditional green card but still some get interview for the 10-years card as well. Am I right ?
  5. Yes it has my name on it and the envelop has uscis address too 1820 E sky harbor phonix Arizona
  6. Yes it comes in UPS from USCIS address at Phoenix- same address I sent $680 as cashier check and they sent me email that my application was accepted and the receipt no.
  7. Of course not!! I didn’t include any cards I paid the fees with cashier check !
  8. Hey, I submitted my application and today I got text from USCIS that my application was accepted and routed to Vermont center few hours ago, I got that mail from USCIS ! what does that mean ???
  9. I called them and I was told same for you not is system yet means we didn’t open your case They asked me to wait for total 60 days
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