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  1. I sent my I-129F February 2020. Got NOA1 letter March 2020. Got NOA2 letter December 2020 stating it's approved and will be forwarded to the National Visa Center (NVC). So about 9 to 10 months? Sent it to Texas location for processing.
  2. She had the Vietnam Local police clearance report. Once the Consulate saw that she worked in Macau for 3 years then they ask about that Macau report. She explained that we are in the process of obtaining it but due to Covid19 travel restrictions, she had to mail everything in to Macau's government to obtain it. We were showing them that we're trying with the case number from Macau's tracking portal. They'll still interview you even if you don't have it. The interview is just another process. If you're missing certain items, they'll give you a blue slip to bring back what you're missing within 1 year. The interview is a pass or fail. She passed the interview but still need to produce whatever the blue slip said she's missing and will have to bring it back and drop it in their mailbox afterward she obtain it.
  3. Her interview is Monday. Macau received our application for the police report but has yet to complete the investigation as she no longer has her Non-residential Workers Exit slip after she left Macau in 2016. Hopefully we'll have an answer by next week and our friend can just fax/mail it over asap. We choose to go to the interview because rescheduling is always a bad impression and the US. Consulate might ask why and such. I believe she'll go through the process and will get a non-completion slip. Once we have the Macau police report then they'll grant her a visa. I also found out that she had this friend that is now a in Seattle (USA). She did the K-1 Visa and the Vietnamese Agent who she hired told her to do a totally new passport to hide her travels/working entries to Macau. She passed the initial interview but after they review her files further in the coming days, the US Consulate discovered she worked in Macau (she did the whole new passport to try and hide it). So she was told to produce a police report from Macau. I believe her husband went online and did it himself for her. It took a long time to get it but at the end of the day, she got approved an is now in the states. Will update sometime this week on her interview....
  4. We found an agent that said he can get this for us since they have a business in Macau. Not sure how long it will take. Should I hold reschedule the interview for April 2021? or should I tell her to go to the interview in February 2021, get rejected until we provide the docs? Also the cases of Covid19 are increasing over there they might cancel al appointments...
  5. Maybe I'm just over-worried about this whole thing. The worst that can happen is they'll ask you to provide the paperworks after the interview and give more directions on how to go about it.
  6. How's it non-sense. If passport number is tied to your I-129F, NOA1, NOA2, DS160...it's a big risk. If you request for a new passport then the number changes and your case would have to go on to further review on why your passport is changed, etc....
  7. Oh we have tried to do everything. it's not possible to do in person in Macau as they required you to present your passport. If you can be there, you need to authorized someone to do it. The risk is so high sending a passport that can be lost in the mail and this passport is tied to all your Visa paperwork. If you lose it, you lose your case.
  8. She haven't been to Macau since 2016...I hope they just look at the Vietnam report and just approve it. Like, it's a lose, lose situation? they're asking for something we cannot provide due to Pandemic Travel restrictions.
  9. Hello All, Just let me start off by saying this has been a long process and this pandemic is not helping. We have a interview later this month Feb 2021. We have gathered all the requested documents and anything that needs to be translated is done. We have one problem! Per the instructions from the “K-Instruction Package” via Step 4, she is required to submit a, “Original Foreign Police Certificates (if any): Original foreign police certificate(s) from any country in which you resided for at least six months since attaining the age of 16.” She resided in Macau as a non-residential foreign worker. We got the local Vietnamese police report already. Not a problem! Very easy to get and translate. We have tried to obtain this report virtually from Macau's immigration affairs website but you need a person that you can authorized to process the paper work. They want the actual passport also in which I am totally against mailing to Macau during a pandemic with only a few weeks before the interview. What if it gets lost? You would have to do a new passport and it will have a new passport# which does tie into your case filing for I-129F or DS160. It is virtually impossible to get this report due to Coviid-19 travel restrictions. Our case was sent to the Vietnam Embassy late December 2020. Travel ban won't even allow us to go do anything. Macau won't accept scan copies. They want original documents. I sent an email to the consulate in Vietnam and they said this; "Thank you for your inquiry. If the beneficiary is unable to provide any of the requested original documents, the beneficiary may bring all other available documents to the interview. A consular officer will review the entire application and provide further instructions, if necessary, at that time. To be well-prepared for the interview, please visit our website at: https://vn.usembassy.gov/interview-iv. For immigrant visa applications, an original foreign police certificate is required for each country in which the applicant resided for at least one year since the age of 16. For K-1 visa applications, an original foreign police certificate is required for each country in which the applicant resided for at least six months since the age of 16. The residence does not need to be consecutive." I am a lost for words. She just goes over to work for a better salary and send her money home to her parents so they can make a living (typical Asian culture nowdays). Basically, either way, we might lose. My fiancee is frustrated and concerned about this. I told her that we should just go to the interview and do our best because this pandemic won't end anytime soon and we can't get this report due to the travel restrictions. We can show them that we attempted to get this police report but is unsuccessful. Can we ask the Vietnam Embassy to do a background check? Would they do that? I just know they'll put this case in Administrative hold and then in 3-4 months, might just send it back to the USCIS cancelling it.
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