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  1. Thank you Aaron for your speedy response Regards
  2. Good point i should have said Gt Britain. Let's say they keep it, would you have any idea? Thank you How come?
  3. Hi Just wondering when or if the u.k will be able to participate in this scheme again. Thank you
  4. Thank u Wife is a brit so no worries there. Will have house in UK and all my family! Not sure what more I can do to convince them its just a long holiday! Thanks for reading my post and your input Regards
  5. Low season probably as thats a comfortable climate im lead to believe. So potential a rental thing also. Thanks for u response Thanks for the tip. I will have a study of the links u posted
  6. Thanks for your info. That sounds like the sort of thing we hope to achieve. We will still have all our ties to the UK, ie property and all the family. 5 months will be fine. Also the rental income is an idea as we would probably visit the u.s during the British autumn winter months Thanks again
  7. Thank you I do appreciate your input and I'm beginning to feel it might just not be worth the time and effort. We have a few years to retire so holidays will suffice for now, and who knows, the retirement visa may return! Kind regards
  8. Thank you for this. I feel maybe I was misunderstood, the legality wasn't a problem. It was the discrepancy. You could have 2 separate couples from let's say the UK, both with exactly the same reason for travel; for example, 6 month holiday. Couple A get 'jim' at the boarder and he grants a 6 month stay Couple B get 'chuck' at the same boarder, and he only grants 4 month stay Both couples don't wish to break the law, work or stay in the US, just have a long vacation. Both couples have the same visa but alas someone has to get chuck!
  9. Thanks alot for your time and your friends experience. Yes I've noted the info on insurance! Regards
  10. Thanks alot for your detailed response. I have just followed your link and see what you mean by the wording. I suppose there is no harm in trying it for a couple of years and if they get too strict, we could count our losses and sell up, or maybe leave the house there and rent it out as an investment. Lots to think of. Thank you
  11. Not sure why you have made comparisons to the UK system, that is of no interest to me. If you're tired maybe a lay down would help. Thanks anyway
  12. Thank you I will definitely give it alot of thought. Thanks for your time
  13. Thank you susieQQQ This is the bit I can't grasp. Why is there so many grey areas? I thought the idea of the B2 was to stay longer as a tourist, which is exactly what we will be. Im not sure I will cope turning up at the airport in London looking forward to a lovely 6months of sun, only to be told when we land in the U.S "sorry but u can only stay for 4 months this time"
  14. Hi there New to the forum so hope I'm in right place. After spending days on YouTube and Google im more confused then ever! I feel my question is simple, My wife and I plan to buy a property in u.s before we retire. Our aim is to use it as holiday home until retirement. When we eventually retire we plan to spend more time in U.S in our home there. Please note WE DONT WANT TO MIGRATE TO THE STATES! but maybe spend 6months there and 6months in uk. Is this perfectly acceptable with the u.s authority on a b2 visa. I dont want to have a home there that I cant access for 9months of the year in retirement. Before we retire 3 months is plenty. Hope this makes sense. Basically hoping to invest in property or land in 2022/3, but won't bother if when we retire we can't stay for longer than 3 months. Regards and thanks for listening
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