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  1. Hey guys! On average how long is it taking for AP to be approved? Is there anywhere I can go to find timelines for this? We would like to take a trip out of the country but trying to plan in advance if possible. Any tips appreciated
  2. Let me work on my timeline! Thanks for the response. EAD took less than a month if that’s the case! Thank You Jesus!
  3. Hey all! My husband is adjusting status from the K1 visa. He also applied for the employment authorization and I checked his case status online and it says card issued. Does that mean we are just waiting for his employment authorization card to come in the mail? Does it also mean he has been issued a Social Security number? And is there anyway to check on this? Any help appreciated. I would be happy if all this happened so quickly
  4. Hello all! My husband came in on my K-1 visa in January and at the time he came in we called to schedule an appointment to get a Social Security number. The representative we spoke with told us we were not able to do so until he had adjusted his status and we just learned this is incorrect. Unfortunately it’s too late as we are married. Is there any way to get an SSN now? He can’t even open an account or get a license without this. Any help appreciated!
  5. Hi there. Got NOA for the I-130 (you know the one I didn’t need lol) but it’s an RFE for my husband to fill out I-130A. Should we do it or just wait on AOS and EAD? Not even sure what to do
  6. Hello all, if I’ve already filed for AOS, and I would like to submit an application for EAD, do I need to pay a separate filing fee for this? From what I understand, no but I want to be certain as I’ve already made some mistakes and can’t afford to waste any more money!
  7. Thanks so much. Appreciate the encouragement! I’ll be following the guide from here on out!
  8. January 13 he arrived too late to apply for SSN Unfortunately we were misinformed by a non-VJ member and thought he could not get an SSN. I’m back patrolling the topics on VJ and see I could have saved myself much trouble.
  9. I’ll try to let you know if I remember. I’m so mad I wasted my money but it’s all good. Just glad I finally have my man here after two years of separation!
  10. Oh my God. I’m failing at life. I definitely did. So now I wasted my money
  11. ??? He came in on a K1. Not sure what I missed Still getting used to the married life lol
  12. We are married. We are having the big wedding later this year so I stand corrected: my mother in law!
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