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  1. INCREDIBLE!!! We are so excited! He is having his medical done tomorrow! I am so happy for you two! Congratulations the very best of luck to you both!!!!!!!!🎉🎉
  2. same! DQ September 2nd 2020 and nothing. They are moving very slow down there! I have heard they are now interviewing late May early June and moving about 2 months per every one month of DQ. According to this calculation you would be waiting another 4 to 5 months ..... and Us waiting 6 months RIDICULOUS
  3. If you are May 2020 you are literally days away from receiving notice for the interview. I follow a lot of DR lawyers on youtube and they are receiving interview letters very very close to this date!
  4. I applied again for an expedite. Wish me luck! I included photos this time of me in the hospital
  5. Interviews are being scheduled directly from the NVC. You can’t schedule your own interview on the ustraveldocs site due to the covid situation. It’s all very slow. Cases documentation qualified in May 2020 are being selected for interviews now.
  6. I watch a lot of lawyers on youtube and instagram that post their interview letters check out @tocaviajar on instagram
  7. Truth! There is no reason for the name calling. However, there should be more attention given to LEGAL immigration as well as helping those who arrived in the country and are undocumented. Legal immigration has many hoops as well. We are scrutinized and evaluated. The fact that a citizen has to wait years to bring a mother, son or parent is deplorable. But, having lived in abroad in a poor nation, I understand why people immigrate illegally. Mall I ask is that they fix both systems
  8. Yeah but waiting a year for just the interview is another story! We are in month 20 of the whole process 8 months awaiting the interview. I have written the white house twice, congressmen and senators
  9. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-7-part-a-chapter-5 Marge provisions by which USCIS can waive interviews. USCIS conducts interviews from within the US for cases of Adjustment of status. The point being, if it is a technology/method available within the US, why not outside when there is not evidence or suspicion of fraud or deception.
  10. These, again are within the USA for adjustment of status interviews. Not abroad in consulates.
  11. It was presented on a youtube channel. The petitioner’s mother was interviewed by phone. The youtube channel is run by a lawyer in the Dominican Republic. I
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