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  1. Hi! I’m not sure where you are, but we’re in a similar situation. My husband was also approved at his interview on March 18th at the Buenos Aires embassy. He was told that there is an internal technical issue that isn’t letting them see the medical file (he had the exam and tests done about a month prior to the interview). Apparently as soon as it’s resolved the visa will be issued.
  2. Our friends' B1/B2 visa appointments were cancelled. But it looks like they're giving CR1/IR1 appointments pretty quickly.
  3. Hoy mi esposo fue a ver al Dr Kelly, me dijo que es muy buena onda y que desde el 1980 trabaja con la Embajada 🤯 Pensaba avisarles lo que me dijo, porque hay algunas instrucciones desactualizadas en el sitio de la embajada. 1- No hay que llevar fotos impresas, el mismo doctor te saca foto en el momento. 2- Hace el examen físico en esa misma consulta. No volves a verlo, porque los resultados del laboratorio, etc son enviados a él por mail. 3- Al no volverlo a ver, no se te entrega un sobre/paquete con los estudios. Está todo digitalizado ya. Nosotros al no saberlo, estuvimos corriendo justo antes buscando donde sacar las fotos jaja
  4. Congrats! It looks like they’re getting closer to “normal” then 🙌🏻
  5. Thank you! We DQ’d January 15, 2021. So it we received the interview date rather quickly.
  6. This is the second week of February and we got our interview email today!! It’s for mid-March 🙌🏻
  7. For us it’s an IR1. We were DQ’d January 15th and received the interview email today for mid-March. I have several friends who have appointments for tourist visas in March (not for emergency reasons), so it seems like they might be planning to getting a little closer to “normal” starting next month.
  8. We got our interview letter/email today, so things seem to be moving along quicker. It’s for March 🙌🏻
  9. We got the interview email today!!! The date they gave us is March 18, so tomorrow we’ll get in touch with the approved physician to see him/her as soon as possible and get that part rolling. Have you heard anything yet?
  10. Although they haven’t officially said they’re resuming interviews as normal, the embassy in Buenos Aires has been scheduling interviews for B1/B2 visas starting in March. So I’m assuming they’ll resume IR1 interviews, too 🥳
  11. Hi! Our case DQ'd about two weeks ago, and I want to have a realistic idea of how long the wait might be before the Embassy gives us an interview date. Has anyone else with a IR1/CR1 visa been documentarily qualified in the past few months and received an interview date yet?
  12. Hi! I was about to ask the same question, so hopefully someone from Argentina can let us know if they’ve received an interview letter/date recently. We became DQ just last Friday (January 15th) but since the whole process has been pretty quick so far, I’m hopeful for a February or March interview date.
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