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  1. Thanks @mam521 for your response. Yeah it sounds ridiculous but I guess I have to wait as per the process.
  2. Thanks @Kor2USA for the prompt response. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this situation.
  3. Hi fellow VJ members, Hope all of you are in good health. We had received a note from NVC case reviewer to submit I-864 forms with wet-ink signatures and original copy of birth certificate. Rest of all the documents have been duly accepted. We submitted the corrected documents more than two weeks ago.Can someone please guide me how long NVC takes to review additional documents? I tried calling NVC helpline but it is of no use and you cannot speak to an actual representative. I am afraid if we will be going back in line with 90 day time limit. Some forums states that they take 2-6 weeks extra. Any update here will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Mary
  4. Hi fellow VJ members,


    Hope all of you are doing well. We have received a case review FE note last Friday where in we are required to submit additional documents. We have submitted them early this morning. Can someone please guide me as to how long NVC is going to take to review additional documents? There are mixed responses available. Some says two weeks and some people say you get back into the line and have to wait again for 90 days. Any help will be appreciated.







  5. Thanks do we also need to file I-864A or separate I-864 will suffice for the application?
  6. Thanks for the reply. How can I make my case more lucrative with USCIS as I am a student right now and wants to bring my husband in US. I think I-864 is a key document for us to help support the application. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi fellow VJ members, I recently got my I-130 petition approved for my husband. I currently don't earn anything however my husband has a very good accounting job in his home country at a senior leadership position. My brother has agreed to be co-sponsor on I-864 application. How should I fill out the I-864 being the principal petitioner since I don't have any W-2s? My last three tax returns have been under MFJ status with sufficient income, however those lists out my husband as the primary filer. He was previously working under H-1B visa in US before coming back to his home country last year. My brother has also a very good job to show support for 4 people. which is way over the 125% poverty level stated rate of $34K. I know the principal petitioner and co-sponsor are supposed to show their assets and income position to USCIS to supplement our case. Can my husband show his salary slips and local tax return and append it with I-864? Please advise. Regards, Mary1993
  8. I called them but the wait time is ridiculous. They asked me to wait for 82 mins. I think its all because of Covid related staff shortage at USCIS or maybe the influx of applications is too much.
  9. Thanks @portorusa. Do you know how can we reach a representative to talk to? It's very difficult to navigate their IVR system especially when it's not lenient to transfer over calls.
  10. Hi fellow VJ members, We received a RFE letter from Vermont Service Center for submitting additional proof regarding our marriage. The letter was received on July 8, 2021 and we were supposed to submit response by October 8, 2021. We compiled the necessary documentation and mailed it back to VSC on July 30, 2021. The correspondence was received by VSC on Aug 6, 2021. However, when I go and check my case status online, it still requires me to respond to the RFE letter online by submitting the scanned copies of those documents. I tried uploading those on their portal but there is an error coming in during upload process. I reached out to USCIS technical team via chat feature but they did not respond me back. I tried calling them multiple times but the IVR system does not transfer my call to an actual representative and shuts my call down if I tried to bypass the system. Please advise how should I approach my case with USCIS as I am afraid that if they did not resume processing on our case due to non-submission of required documents, the petition will expire by Oct 8, 2021. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Thanks @LuckyCat for the quick reply. I will read this guide over and submit the required documentation accordingly.
  12. Hi everyone, I am sponsoring my husband to come and live with me in US. My husband is currently residing outside of US and we got married two years back. I am currently not employed but my brother with whom I stay currently has agreed to show financial support which is required under Form I-864. We will be filing the I-130 form and I-130A form shortly. Are we required to submit the Form I-864 (financial support) along with this application or USCIS will mail my husband separately asking for this form at a later date? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mary
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