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  1. Hi! So the physician appointment was $5000 and then the lab tests and x-rays are about 15,000 or so. You basically spend about 20,000. The experience was fine. It's mostly paperwork. Take all the vaccination records you have if you can, takes about an hour, hour and a half. The lab you do somewhere else, and it goes pretty fast. They send everything digitally to the embassy. Our Experience: We had our interview on Monday and everything worked out. Some tips: Be very organized with all paperwork including, but not limited to: original birth certificates, marriage cert, translations in place, police background check with art.51 exclusion and translation, evidence of relationship, 1040 and supporting financial documents, DS-260 confirmation and print out I-864 just in case. Make sure you take all passports ever had and the 5cm x 5 cm photos they ask for (to be safe 4 of them). They'll take your fingerprints, ask questions as to relationship and usually will make a decision before you leave. You can expect to get your passport with approval stamp, etc. within 2 weeks via courier if you get approved. That's all I know and what our experience was. Good Luck to all in this process, I know it's a lot, but it will be worth it once you get there
  2. Hi Rachita, we also heard back yesterday! March 15th date. I've emailed and called the doctor, just waiting for an appointment. YEY! One step closer...
  3. As soon as I hear back I'll update back....still nada - but really hopeful! they moved uber fast up to this point. fingers crossed!
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes from NVC case approval to appointment at the Embassy in Argentina? I filed for my husband and we have a priority date of 6/12/2020 and NVC approved our case on 12/27/20. Thanks!
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