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  1. I recently got mine done, you go to the rgd, collect a form which has to be signed and stamped by a JP and then return to the rgd
  2. This is what happens when you try calling anytime past 7, my fiance is in Colorado and had to make the call at 5am her time to get someone on the phone. Will try calling back next week to see if our case number is ready.
  3. We have a NOA2 date of August 10th, when we called last week they advised they hadn't received it yet and that we should count 6 weeks from 08/10 and try calling back 🤷🏾‍♀️
  4. Finally approved today, so thankful that this long wait is over and we can start focusing on the future.
  5. Just checked the website today for the 2nd time and saw my case was approved today
  6. I saw 2 dates, receipt date (jan 4, when it got to lockbox) and notice date (march 2). I used the notice date on my timeline.
  7. NOA1 text notification just received, Petition was received at the Texas lockbox on Jan 4
  8. My partner and i are considering a symbolic ceremony in my country this summer, it has been a long and difficult journey for us as we have had to cancel several trips due to Covid and have not seen each other since July 2019 (she's a single mom raising 3 kids on her own and i do not have a visitor's visa to visit her in the US). We submitted the K1 petition at the end of December 2020 and it was delivered early January, we had the intention to just have a wedding when the visa is approved (which we will still have to do, but maybe with just us and the kids instead of the wedding she really wanted) but life has thrown so much ####### at us in just the past month, 2nd week of January she had a psychotic break and was taken to a mental hospital, she ended up being there for 2 weeks i had to use her last know location on google to find where she was and what was happening as her family did not even notice anything was wrong or tried to help her when i got her to call 911, she kept asking for me and so the doctors thought i was a split personality of hers, no family member went with her and so they just made assumptions and locked her away. More than anything else we just need to make the commitment to each other, that desire is greater than getting approved, greater than finally being together, though both of these right now would be amazing but the very real fact is that we have a long road ahead of us and so we need to take that step so it can be something we can hold on to until we can be together. Same sex marriages are not legal in my country, hence the decision on just a symbolic ceremony. *Side note, would her current situation with the psychotic break be sufficient to put in an expedite request? We can manage taking care of her financially but now that she has been out of the hospital, she is still fragile and could use the help to take care of both her and the children.
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