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  1. Could you provide me the link to Pakistan Forums, i couldn't find it.
  2. So i did speak to them and they told me i got the second notification because of the joint sponsor documents which i had submitted after being documentarily qualified the first time. I submitted the Joint Sponsor documents after about 20 days of being DQ the first time. They said its gonna remain submitted and the Embassy will check the documents on the interview day.
  3. Well yeah i am at ISL. Do you believe they make you wait for no reason even if your case doesn't fall in Administrative process? Why do you think the wait is anyways?
  4. What you are saying made sense to me and i agree with you. But i believe there is no harm in trying and telling them why we are requesting it particularly. Whatever they decide obviously we have to respect that. Yes i am at the interview stage and hoping embassy to speed things up.
  5. I did. That's what made me confused and i was trying to explain people here. Everyone has their own opinion which i respect. But nobody really told me whether that is a Glitch or it actually means something.
  6. I understand that. But i believe request made based on health of USC is somewhat why they give us the option to expedite anyways. We are not trying to jump the queue for no reason. Other then that it's true that we are all in the same boat.
  7. Hi, Even though it says Documentarily Qualified in CEAC, all the documents are accepted except Joint Sponsor that remains Submitted for about 2 months now. Is this how it is supposed to be? Or do i need to take any action? Thank You.
  8. Hey that's harsh lol. Be nice. Well it was about my wife going through some personal issues in the states which should be a valid reason for Embassy to accept the expedite request, at least now that we have provided further documents that states the facts.
  9. @aaron2020 Hi appreciate your reply. So you mean there is no way the expedite request would be accepted? We had requested it for some reason at the end of my wife in states. NVC expedite department emailed us again after denying the request in the first place that if we want them to reconsider the expedite request we should provide them additional documents which we did.
  10. Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well! I am experiencing a little confusing situation, if anybody had some similar experience or would be able to guide me would be awesome. Basically my DQ was on Oct 17 2020. I had requested an expedite which was denied and a couple days ago i requested reconsideration for expedite with additional documentation. After a day of my expedite reconsideration Email i got another email that stated DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED. Almost after 3 months i received the same message. What does this mean? I am in the line all the way from the beginning and NVC is gonna take their time again to schedule an interview for me or is this some sort of glitch? Thank you All.
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