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  1. Mine was in Manhattan, NY. Overall, I’ve had poor experiences with immigration staff. Similar to what you see at the DMV. People who feel empowered and entitled to their job and really mistreat others as if they’re beneath them. I know, not all and most aren’t like that. But the ones you meet in NY and especially at JFK airport are like that. The kind of behavior and attitude you don’t see in other countries.
  2. She came using the fiancee visa and we did adjustment to marriage visa.
  3. Our original I-751 interview was April of 2019 before COVID had it delayed. We called USCIS after we hadn't heard for a while (there's a timeframe on the website where they say for you to contact them if yours has passed) and they told us to keep waiting but that we can get a travel stamp for my wife to travel as she pleased since her original green card had since expired due to the delay. We got the notice for our I-751 interview about a month ago. Where along in the process are you? Just waiting for your I-751 interview date to be scheduled?
  4. You were right!! Had our interview at 10:00am (after making us wait an hour from our scheduled time) and just checked our status 7 hours later and it says "New Card Being Produced". Phew!! Thanks for your encouraging replies!!
  5. Thank you for your response! Fingers crossed! I think our interaction with him just rubbed us the wrong way. I really hope he was like that because he had no other reason to be suspicious of our marriage. Thanks again!
  6. Just had our I-751 interview and had to deal with a super rude and impolite immigration officer. He spoke to my spouse (beneficiary) completely and wouldn't give me an opportunity to even speak. He barely looked at our documents and photos that we brought and asked only for the 2019 1040 document for the 2019 tax return. Unfortunately, I only brought the W2 for this year and the 1040 for prior years. For some reason, it's the only document I forgot to bring. He then gave us the form that said our case is being held for review (there is an option stating it was approved, but the one that was checked off was the one stating it's being held). I asked if he wanted to see everything else we brought and he said no, gave it all back to us, and that was it. I felt he was making a decision solely based on that one missing document. It wasn't conversational, he didn't ask any familial or personal questions, he didn't ask us anything at all except background information like name, dob, address, etc. and then that was it. Anyone have experiences like this? Had to deal with an impolite and uncooperative immigration officer for their I-751 interview? Thanks!
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