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  1. I'm not disagreeing with that. Other VJ users have asked probing questions to better understand the details so that they can help advise on how to best handle the 3rd interview. We are all still waiting for the OP to respond. My point is only on editorializing on life and relationship issues, which is a common theme on VJ with some users who seem to enjoy slipping in judgemental comments or reactions to parts of the OP's story that are immaterial to the immigration question posed.
  2. Of course. But the OP is not asking for life and relationship advice. He is asking for immigration-related advice. So again, there is no value to other VJ users editorializing about how they or their spouse who have handled the relationship situation differently. If they want to comment on how to handle the immigration-related situation (i.e. the 3rd interview) then that is pertinent to the original request.
  3. There clearly is an issue. My point is that there is no value to other VJ users debating or offering up suggestions to what should have been done in the past. We don't have all of the facts yet, so we don't know what issues USCIS might have. Regardless, even if the issue is that the IO has questions about why they would stay apart for that long while she was pregnant and is questioning whether their relationship is bona fide, other VJ users stating what they or their spouse would have done in that situation is irrelevant, because as far as I am aware, the OP does not have a time machine and therefore cannot go back in time to drive to pick up his spouse.
  4. Yes, it is way cheaper to go through the Utah. It is $70 for the license (or $50 if you take a free marriage education course first) and then $35 to schedule time with the clerk to officiate the wedding. If you need an apostille, that's another $50 for 3-5 day shipping or more for faster delivery.
  5. People have a choice whether to respond or not. If they feel it is a waste of time, then they should not waste said time by responding. In any case, this example that I selected is probably not the best one but I have seen what I consider a heavy handed approach by some mods on a number of posts. This just happened to be the one that led me to create this post. If the mod response was canned, then perhaps the mods need to change their canned responses because I do not appreciate being told to "not restart or refer back to this thread in any shape or form". If I want to do so for a reason that I feel is valid, then that is my choice, as long as I am not breaking the TOS of VJ.
  6. We sent off our I-485 package on July 10, it was received on July 12, check was cashed July 14, and SMS notifications of receipt were received on July 15.
  7. I get all of that. I just personally don't agree that they should be stopping all services. There are ways to safely operate despite the risk. Anyway, my opinion doesn't matter since they are going to do whatever they are going to do. But as a taxpayer, I disagree with their approach.
  8. I'm not sure it is true that all embassies are making the same decisions. Some embassies seem to still be opening and conducting interviews, while others aren't. I understand the OP's frustration as we are told that the mRNA vaccines, which is what I believe all embassy staff have received, are 94% effective, yet some embassies are shutting down on the pretext of COVID. If they are worried about applicants getting infected, they can space interviews far apart and clean between interviews. A slow trickle of interviews is certainly better than none.
  9. Many airlines are offering flexible tickets by default now due to COVID. If you can purchase a ticket that allows free date changes, there is no harm booking a flight two weeks out from the interview date (confirm with other Kenya profiles though to see how long they are taking on average to receive their passports back and adjust that accordingly). If you don't get it within a few days of the flight, then you can change your ticket. But again, only if you book a flight that allows for free changes. That's exactly what we did and it saved us from having to buy a last minute flight once the passport was in hand or wait even longer to be together.
  10. As others have said, you don't need the I-129F for the visa interview. However, if you really want it, you can request a copy by submitting a FOIA request to DoS here: https://foia.state.gov/Request/Visa.aspx. Also, in the case of my fiance, the Embassy sent her a copy of the approved I-129F around when she scheduled her interview.
  11. It was this thread, although I've noticed such heavy handedness where mods take it upon themselves to shut down discussion because they feel the case is closed. This was just the one that prompted me to make this post, particularly due to the mod seeming to threaten users against referring to that thread again. Great point!
  12. I've been noticing what seems like some pretty heavy handed overreach by some of the mods on the forum. For instance, here is a recent mod comment closing a thread: "~~Thread locked to further replies. THe OP has been given all the advice members can offer. Do not restart or refer back to this thread in any shape or form~~ " Who is the mod to say that all of the advice that members can offer has been provided? Other members who have not yet had a chance to respond may have had other thoughts to share. Plus, what is with the empty threat to not refer back to this thread in any shape or form? Is this site meant to be an authoritarian one ruled by a small group of elite mods or an open one, where all members are valued and conversations aren't shut down simply because one mod decides it should be? While mods should be shutting down illegal or threatening comments, I don't see any value to them shutting down threads or deciding that the discussion is over. Now let's see if the mods will allow discussion of their actions to be discussed or if this thread will be shut down as well.
  13. Not trying to hijack this thread, but from my read of the G-1145 instructions, you only need to submit one copy to the entire packet, even if it has multiple forms. It's not a big deal to print out three copies and include in the same packet, but I'm curious if others have had experience with just submitting one copy to the front of the entire packet (485/765/131) and receiving notifications for each.
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