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  1. Agreed, I filed on paper and never got my online acct set because they captured the wrong address and still my process was 3 months 3 weeks
  2. In my case it went pretty fast even though I applied on paper 02/05/21 packet sent 02/08/21 packet delivered 03/17/21 case received ( txt) 04/29/21 interview scheduled 06/03/21 interview and ceremony.
  3. It went pretty smooth and fast, I came in at 7 am , printed me the interview notice and checked in for my interview at 7:50 was called in lady officer was very nice, asked me why I was there I said for my citizenship interview , then asked me what the constitution does, how is Benjamin Franklin known for, how many representatives are there, 2 holy days, highest court ,and one right only for citizens, then I read “ who elects congress” and I wrote “ the people elect Congress” then she said I passed the tests, asked me bunch of have you’d questions, asked for my IRS payment plan scanned it and told me I was approved and to wait for an officer to have the oath ceremony and 1/2 hour later we were called to a salon, officer told us how we were to proceed , he said the oath we only said “ I adjunte” then gave us our certificates and out we went, pretty fast and nice , I hope this helps , good luck to all of you and thanks to everyone for the time, information you guys give so others understand better the whole USCIS universe
  4. I can’t find anything about phones , if they don’t we r not taking pictures of the oath ceremony I guess
  5. Hi guys , quick question , is USCIS allowing cell phones when we go for interview?
  6. Anybody has gotten to have interview and oath ceremony on same day?
  7. Unfortunately I don’t have a notice, long story, I have an appointment the same day I have my interview, so they can help me to get the notice to have my interview , appointment is at 7:15 and interview at 8:00
  8. Anybody knows how many months of statements from bank, insurance, utilities do I have to bring to interview ? Thank you
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