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  1. Ugh, so annoyed. My husband was supposed to have his medical this morning with his interview on 20 April, so plenty of time for the consulate to receive the results. Well the doctor is sick today so it has been rescheduled until the day after his interview. I know it isn’t a big deal but I was really hoping everything would be done by his interview so we would get a decision right away. Just another delay in a long list of delays 🙁
  2. Hi there! 

    Saw you wrote that your husband's CR-1 application got expedited on March 13th and that you recently got an email with an interview. We also got that expedited email on the 13th! (Strange cause we didn't request that) But anyway we still haven't received an email with the interview booking. You mentioned you wrote to your senator and called the consulate... can I ask how you framed the question to your senator and the consulate? I'd love to try and get this sorted! Thank you! 


  3. My husband just got his scheduled yesterday for 20 April - IR-1 visa. But I ended up contacting a senator in my home state two days before and then reached out to the embassy. It could have been a coincidence but I don’t it.
  4. Thanks, yeah I've seen those. Just wondering how long I can expect to wait until the interview is scheduled.
  5. Our application got approval on 13 March to be expedited (even though we didn't ask, but I'm not complaining 😀) CEAC says it is still "in transit". How long did everyone wait from approval to interview email? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for this. Since we aren’t in a major rush at the moment (I’m a dual citizen so we are together, living in Aus) so I might see what happens over the next month.
  7. It has been really helpful reading through everyone's recent experience. My husband just got DQ'd on 6 January, and I am wondering how long it will take to get an interview scheduled for IR-1 and if there is a backlog due to border closures. Can anyone share how long it took to get their interview scheduled recently? Thanks!
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