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  1. Hi. I am in NYC. My VAWA was approved in April 2021. I did fingerprints in July 2021. Then, my attorney sent my medical in August 2021 without rfe. Have not heard anything since July. Is there anything I can do? Thanks
  2. What about the paper Advance Parole document? Probably a silly question but is it as reliable as the combo card? Are immigration officers as familiar with it?
  3. My VAWA was approved in April in NY. My attorney sent medical in August without rfe and radio silence since then.
  4. Is there any upside to proactively sending medicals after i360 approval but before rfe?
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes for i485 after VAWA approval in New York? I intend to fly on advance parole for 3 weeks at the end of December. Should I not travel on the off chance my interview is scheduled while I am away? My VAWA was approved April 2021. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your response! My home country is Ireland so I would be ok to travel now but who knows what will happen in the next few weeks, when my flight is booked.
  7. Is it a risky time to fly with advance parole? I have flights booked for December 19 but looks like there is yet another covid spike. Wondering if travel restrictions will be imposed again.
  8. Well I would be flying back from Dublin, Ireland which has the preclearance station there. I have not been denied entry but have never used AP before. Flying home for Christmas and worried about it. I have my new passport and my old one which has my original visa and entry stamp. Looking for as much info as possible. Thanks!
  9. Is there any recourse if your advance parole is denied by CBP officer in your home country returning to the states? Like through consulate etc. or is that the end of getting back in?
  10. Sorry to keep talking about Advance Parole on here but I've read that CBP officers may ask for marriage certificate on way back in. I am divorced and my VAWA is approved. Are the officers at port of entry familiar with VAWA? I have a renewed paper AP document and a new passport which I did not initially travel to the US with. Just want to make sure I have all the right documentation and facts before I fly. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  11. Thanks. Also I have new passport and the old passport I originally entered on. Should that be a problem?
  12. Other than passport and AP document (paper form), what else should I bring when flying? Thanks
  13. Has anyone traveled on Advance Parole recently? Trying to fly home. Would be flying back from a pre-clearance airport. Can anyone share their experiences? Thanks
  14. Applied for Vawa June 2019. Vawa approved April 2021. Biometrics in July. Nothing since.
  15. Any NYC filers know how soon things are moving after approval? Approved in April and other than biometrics, no updates whatsoever.
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