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  1. UPDATE!!! GREAT NEWS!!! I went back to DMV in Freehold, NJ again today (01/06/2021) and finally got my last name changed. I found a legitimate document from the state website that helped support my case. (see the link below) https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/license/ident_ver_posterpint.pdf Based on the document, I only needed to provide my marriage certificate plus 6-point documents (driver license-4 points, SSC-1 point and bank statement-1point), which I had. I went there at 6am and had everything done at 8:30am. Note: They did ask me for my green card and birth certificate, but this time I told them I didn't bring those with me and that I already had 6-point documents so they just let me go. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!🤗
  2. Regarding real estate law, unfortunately I have to practice with my legal name.
  3. I understand. If it wasn’t for my career purposes, I probably wouldn’t try so hard to do it either. Marriage is not about the name and my husband and I both fully understand it and respect each other’s decision.
  4. My husband is fine which either last name I have. However, I have to change it for my career purposes as no one knows how to say my name. People keep asking me how I pronounce my name. After so many efforts, they are still not confident saying it. So I can imagine if some clients would like to refer me to others, they will have a hard time and I just don’t want that to happen.
  5. Thank you for the wonderful information! You give me hope! I definitely will try again!
  6. As I resides in NJ, I think this will be the one, if I file for N400. I hope i don’t have to go this road. 🤞🏻 USCIS Newark Field Office 970 Broad St #2506, Newark, NJ 07102
  7. Which state did you file for your name change? My marriage certificate was issued before my green card issued date. Is this time frame order an important consideration to DMV? I went to local social security office before DMV and had no problem changing my last name. However, when I showed this lady at DMV my green card, marriage certificate and driver license, she said I had to change my name on green card first. I don’t feel I should trust her for this important matter of my life!
  8. Thank you for clearing some of the important questions that I have. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  9. I think I made you confused. I’m looking for legitimate sources to show and convince the DMV to have my name changed without having to change it on my GC first, which will take much longer to have.
  10. I received my GC after K1 process but didn’t change my name at the time. I didn’t know what I was doing.
  11. Thank you Dashinka for your helpful information and for sharing your specific situation. I’ll try to go to the DMV one more time and may ask to talk to a supervisor if I need to. Before I do so, I’d like to learn, research and collect as much useful information as I can to show them to convince my case. I read this following source saying most states do not require new name changed on green card first before someone can change it on DL, if I understand it correctly!? See it here: https://info.legalzoom.com/article/can-you-change-your-name-after-getting-green-card Unfortunately, they didn’t mention the rule in NJ, which I really need to know right now. I got married through K1 process. After I got married, I didn’t change my name when I applied for green card. I obviously didn’t know what i was doing at the time! :((( Now when I’m going to take a real estate exam and apply for a real estate license, I realize I have to have my name changed as nobody knows how to say my name and it’s miserable!!! If I can’t change my name on my DL (I still hope it will not be the case 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻), I have to file either I-90 or N-400 (application for citizenship), which will take much longer to achieve. My question: How long did it take for your wife to receive her new GC since she filed I-90? I assume the waiting time for N-400 takes longer than I-90? I will apply for N-400 at some point but right now I desperately need a quick solution.
  12. Subject: Changing name due to marriage in NJ after green card issued Hi Everyone, I got married and I need to have my last name changed on my driver license as quick as possible. I went to DMV in Freehold yesterday (01/04/21) to have my last name changed on my driver license. I was waiting outside in the freezing cold from 9:30am to 2:30pm and finally they called my number and let me in. I brought these following 6-point documents with me: 1. Marriage certificate showing my maiden last name N and my husband last name F 2. Driver license with my last name N 3. 10-year green card with my last name N 4. Social security card (SSC) with last name F 5. Saving account statement with my last name N This lady at the DMV called my number and asked for my documents. After I gave her, she took them and went away for 2 minutes, then came back and told me she couldn’t change my last name. She said I have to change my last name on green card first before I can change it on my driver license. My question: CAN I CHANGE MY LAST NAME ON DRIVER LICENSE FIRST BEFORE I CHANGE IT ON MY GREEN CARD? WITH A MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, DRIVER LICENSE AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, SHOULD IT BE LEGALLY ENOUGH FOR ME TO HAVE MY LAST NAME CHANGED?? IS THERE ANY LEGAL SOURCE THAT I CAN USE TO REPRESENT MY CASE???
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