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  1. I have been away from him since last 2 + years already 😔.
  2. Would you please be able to let us know how is k1 visa appointment scheduled in Singapore? The Packet 3 letter mentions it cannot be scheduled from website or call center while Traveldocs support team mentions it can be done from website. Very confused and worried because website has some concept of first come first serve as per my understanding .Any guidance /your recent experiences on appointment scheduling would be much appreciated. Thankyou
  3. Oh for next day interview ,yes I could not say a yes as it was very last minute and documents etc were not fully sorted. However, we both have not given up. The case was transferred from India to Singapore during covid .I and my first interview in India but ended up getting 221g. By the time second interview appointment was received, covid had started and all embassies closed. As I was in Singapore,my case was transferred here in Dec 2020 with a. complete new DS-160. I am ready with police certificates, medicals waiting for interview date. However, unable to know the process of how interview can be scheduled in Singapore for Fiance interview. ustraveldocs website has been mentioning "No appointments available" since last few days. So I want to know what is the wait time between I submitting all documents to embassy with DS160 and actual interview in Singapore. Would you please be able to advise here.
  4. Hello  Capt. Ewok

    I am trying to move the topic from consulate review to K1 fiance but not getting an option. Could you please advise how can the topic be tagged to right classification.




  5. I got a call from the US embassy to my number asking if I would like to attend an interview tomorrow morning. I had to say no .On asking about new slots, the officer told me to keep checking the website which would open appointments somewhere in May-June nothing in April as its fully booked. I am applying from Singapore but the backlog as per website is huge and causing delays in processing.Got my police coc in Dec and by April end it would already be 5 months wait. Could the experienced people let me know what is the approximate wait time between embassy receiving packet 3 response and actual interview appointment day for fiance visa. Is the appointment scheduled using http://ustraveldocs.com website (It always says no appointments available) or provided in letter by the embassy. Me and my fiance have been waiting since 2019 for getting appointment dates but sadly everything is delayed. Timeline of my case is as below: Petition filing- Nov 2018 Petition Approval- Apr 2019 Interview and 221g -Aug 2019 221g response to consulate - Dec 2019 221g response from embassy- Mar 2020 Case transfer from India to Singapore consulate- Oct 2020 Packet 3 received- Dec 2020 COC- Dec 2020 Ds160 submission to embassy with payment- Dec 2020 Medical-Dec 2020 start and completion by March 29 First call for interview - April 6 ??
  6. Hi I had a medical recently at Pivot medical and got a report with some issues shown in my xray. Suprisingly, I was advised to refer to TB department for further tests.But surprisingly,the time it takes for test completion is 2 months.Here I was almost done with my police certificates and other requested documents (like DS and I-forms) and another hurdle in the path of being with my fiance.Issue is ,until my medical is not complete,I will not get the appointment and I will not be able to be with my fiance.Any advise or suggestions on how this process can be made faster.We have been waiting since last 4 years to be together sadly.All its been through this time is wait ,wait,wait /As soon as we thought its over,ow is the time we plan for marriage ,something came up.
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