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  1. Please see my attachment..... Many thanks for you reply. ---- Yeah, I guess, but one has to be pro-active. Many thanks. ------ Awesome - Thanks. Awesome , thanks.... -------- I am sure its all 'normal' - but like I say, it gets hard when you see MARCH filers with NoA2 and think, if they are processed in order, whats the jam? Anyway... Thanks CB
  2. Sure - I looked there - but REALLY? How do I interept this? Either way - understand what you are sating and going back to my original question: I'd like to speak with someone at USCIS, using the messaging system on My USCIS is pointless. I've tried many times. It's not unreasonable to at least speak to a human about all this. Thanks for your reply. CB
  3. All, I filed on Jan 1st and I am still waiting for the NOA2, a lot of others have theirs from JAN and FEB filers, but mine is still 'actively being looked at' since January 25th 2021. My emails for VISAJOURNEY (as a guide) for the California Centre now say I am overdue and I could contact USCIS. I am in the UK, my wife is in the USA, so its berst for her to contact them... but I am unsure what number to call - as I recall always getitng machine options and nevewr getitng through to someone. Is anyone able to offer advice, experience etc? Feeling very unsure and lacking in faith in the process as inforamation is thin on the ground. Thanks all. CB
  4. Still waiting for NOA2 From Jan 1st 2021 Currently in the California centre.
  5. Married 15.06.2020 Filed online 01.01.2021 NOA 01.01.2021 (Got assigned to Nebraska - I think) Case actively reviewed 27.01.2021 (Not sure what this means in reality) NOA2 : TBC So I am still waiting for my NoA2.
  6. Thats really kind and thank you for your thoughts I'll DM now.
  7. I made the fact known at CR-1 application. Everything I do is by the books.
  8. I agree. However each case if different and my abandonment was not on my terms. I accept the chances - I know others are waiting. I waited a year for my K-1 and followed all processes - I can but try. I am a realist - but I also want to try. What choice do I have?
  9. Thank you. Yes it's filed as I saw it as the only way forward.
  10. I'll make a good case, child care, financial, emotional support etc. Like I say. Only want a fair hearing. Cheers CB
  11. Yes, technically. But unwillingly. I accept my actions, but want to be heard. That's all. Thanks for info.
  12. Hey there. I am writing as I had nearly completed my AOS from a K1 Visa in late november, but had to return to UK becuase my father has cancer and my mother had a double hip replacement and they needed me for care/recovery. (All this can be proved asnd I have letters in hand). However, I had to return before the AOS and Permit to travel coomewted and becuase of COVID I got no replies or help when contacitng UCIS. I even asked the Embassy in London, but got the run around. It broke my heart as the last 6 moths were just amazing. I'm not here to moan about any of that, but I just want to find out, if my K-1 process is totally dead now and I have to start again? I am assuming so, and the CR-1 is now my only option, but I am sure I have grounds for expedition. (I conformed to all packets et al for the K-1 and the processes after the wedding). I have applied for the CR-1 (my wife has) and I have addded a letter abvout the K-1 and why I left the USA. My wife obviously wants me back for personal reasons, but I also need to get back to financially support her too. Other than in my CR-1 application, what is the best way to request or infiorm the authorites to consider expedition? Regards & Happy New Year. Hoping 2021 is better than 2020! CB
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