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  1. What ban was lifted? I'm a US citizen and according to the US embassy in Buenos Aires Website I can't go there.
  2. If your petition got approved, she will need to schedule the interview at the Bogota Embassy to show all the requirements, if the visa is approved she will need to wait for her passport with the visa and some documents in Bogota, use the hotel address or pick it up later at the embassy, them she can fly the same or the very next day, it's a long process my suggestion, read a lot, document yourself.
  3. First have the meeting, she will go back to Venezuela and you to Vegas, if everything works for both file the I-129f form (that's the petition) including all the information, proof of meeting, payment, etc.
  4. Hey, First she needs the Passport, after that she can do Dominican Republic or Mexico both are good options for Venezuelan, meet her there and them you can file for the K1 visa. She needs to stay in Venezuela during the process and maybe go to Colombia like a month before the interview at the Bogota Embassy to do medical exams, for the petition you have to put the Bogota Embassy that's the one serving Venezuelan Citizens.
  5. If your process passed 7.5 months yes, it also means they are processing faster right now.
  6. That is true, try to speak with a Mortgage Loan Officer from your City to clear the question, but based on my experience just apply for the Mortgage yourself if you add your Fiance/Wife the lender will consider her credit score, income and debt. You can be approved by yourself and remember your future wife will not have permission to work in the US for a while. I just sold one with the Husband on the mortgage and the wife staying at home with the baby, the lender used only his information but as a legally married couple both parties are owners and will be in the title.
  7. I sell houses daily, if you have credit and income apply for the mortgage yourself, if you can get approved great, your future husband/wife can be on the title anyways and will sign some documents at the closing table.
  8. Hello Ana, you should tell your Fiance to Call or email the US Embassy in Spain and explain the situation, in my opinion the Travel Ban is not an excuse you can travel to another country and them enter to the USA, have him email the embassy requesting an appointment for you
  9. Hello I do Real Estate here in US, month to month is a common extension used, keep your original lease it won't be a problem, in case you need more evidence just ask your landlord for an email stating you are living there in a month to month lease.
  10. Hola Ana Saludos, yo estoy haciendo tambien el proceso de K1 pero apenas envie la forma I-129f a USCIS en septiembre aun me faltan unos meses, mi prometida esta en Argentina, que bueno saber que estan haciendo las entrevistas y que tuviste una buena experiencia. Podria poner a mi prometida en contacto contigo para tener una buena orientacion?

    1. Ana A

      Ana A

      Hola, claro que si. Puede contactarme para lo que necesite. Puedo enviarte mi email por privado o si prefiere puedo agregarla a un grupo de whats app de Argentina, aunque la mayoria de las personas allí ya están en la útima parte del proceso o ya con la visa.

      En Argentina las K1 se atrasaron bastante por la pandemia. recien empezaron hace poco con las entrevistas, desde diciembre, pero no son tan seguidas. Creo que fue por que la situación mejoró un poco en cuanto a casos de covid pero ahora los casos están volviendo a subir y la verdad no sé si la embajada irá a suspender todo de vuelta, ojalá que no. Mi esperanza es que con el nuevo presidente los visados continúen y no se suspendan totalmente como ya sucedió.

      En cuanto mi experiencia con la embajada, fue buena pero no excelente. Como cuento en mi timeline, cometieron un error al enviarme los documentos que necesito para viajar, entonces debí enviarselos de vuelta para que los corrijan. Le aconsejo a tu novia que tenga cuidado en cuanto a eso porque si le envían las cosas mal tendrá problemas con inmigración a la hora de entrar al país. Ese es mi consejo. 




    2. Jimmytho


      Hola Ana, gracias que amable si enviame tu email por privado en estos procesos cualquier orientacion vale y que bueno que ya estas en la recta final y pronto aca en EEUU.

  11. Hello All, I sent my I-129f November 9/9/2020 to the Dallas Lockbox Received at the California Center 9/11/2020 Credit Card Charged the fee 9/14/2020 NOA1 hard copy 9/24/2020 Still shows case received, let's hope for the best
  12. Hello Willowmg, great experience, I'm doing the same process for my fiance I'm in the US and she's in Argentina but I just filled the I-129f form in September so I'm in the long waiting time step.

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