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  1. Anyone gotten interviews at the Madrid Embassy lately? In the past, they have been quite speedy from DQ to interview notice, about 10-14 days but I haven't heard anything and it's been almost a month. Maybe they are prioritizing K1s ahead of CR1/IR1 this month?
  2. Late to the part, but I'm also a Tennessean doing the visa process.
  3. Cant you go to a SS office and request a letter stating that your SS card is on the way? To serve as a temporary SS card?
  4. So I got an email last night saying we had been DQ'd, but then I logged onto CEAC this morning and it says the AOS is incomplete as I don't meet the minimum income requirements (which I do). Past posts said that this is an error with CEAC, but just want to see if anyone else has experience with this recently.
  5. "Offer" meaning that they can't officially sign her but can say they'd like to hire her.
  6. Hi everyone, We're at the NVC stage right now, waiting for our DQ. My wife is a teacher and through some family connections, a couple of places in the States want to interview her. If one of them were to "offer" her a job, could that be a reason to expedite? In order to get back for the school year? I imagine it'd have to be tied into economical reasons. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
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