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  1. Still charged me £440 (£350 for the medical + £90 for two jabs I was missing) so they certainly aren't passing the savings onto us!
  2. Yeah they said that yesterday (3rd Sept) was the first day of this change, I think it must be a policy change as I'm sure they wouldn't run out of things to put urine in right? Also the age thing confused me, I guess the STDs they are looking for are less prevalent in older people or something? Hopefully somebody else will report back on their recent medical soon, to say if they experienced the same thing. I did confirm it a few times as it seemed odd, they were very insistent that these samples were no longer required based on age.
  3. No they didn't, the only thing they asked was if I'd had a COVID vaccination in the last 7 days as I think that means they cannot administer the other vaccinations if you are still recovering from the COVID one.
  4. Yes it certainly took me by surprise, they didn't give any explanation as to why, just said they no longer require giving these samples. They still did all other tests including chest x-ray and eyesight etc. Like I said I can only speculate as to the reasons, just wante to pass on the experience I had. I would be curious to hear from anyone else who had their medical in London in the last few days, see if they were told the same thing?
  5. I had my medical today at Visa Medicals in London for a spousal visa. I just wanted to pass on some information that I was told whilst there. Depending on your age it seems they are no longer requiring certain tests. Specifically, those over the age of 24 no longer need to give urine and those over 44 no longer need to give blood as well. I'm assuming this means they are no longer testing those over 24 for Gonorrhea/Chlamydia and those over 44 for HIV/Syphilis, although I'm not sure of the actual reasons for this. Just wanted to pass on the information to those who are yet to have their medical, they said yesterday was the first day of this new policy.
  6. We also phoned to book our medical today. We got straight through, they were very helpful! Said they are currently fully booked until the 24th August but have appointments available after then. We booked ours for the start of September as that works best for us, received an email confirmation of the appointment with all the details just seconds after finishing the call. Very easy experience, only took 5 minutes and the lady on the phone was very friendly and helpful! EDIT: Just to add we are also getting the same issue when trying to register the appointment and book the courier. But as Wuozopo says, it's not going to slow anything down so happy to wait a few days and hope it resolves itself 🙂
  7. DQ on June 11th, interview on Sept 16th! We can't believe it, so happy! Congratulations all! We are almost there now! 🤗❤️
  8. Congratulations and good luck to you guys too, welcome to the DQ club! Hoping for good news for all soon now that social distancing rules have ended here in the UK!
  9. Congratulations! And thank you for the update, it's great to hear things are moving well at the embassy again! We are currently 1 year and 1 month post application, DQ'd in June so just hoping to have the interview before the end of the year currently which will be around 18 months after we initially applied! What a crazy and draining ride it has been so far...! Glad to hear you are approved, we may finally be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel!
  10. Also joining this thread as we are now DQ as of a few days ago. It's very disheartening to see that people from Jan/Feb still don't have interview dates. That means it's likely at least another 4-6 months before we will hear anything. We're currently just a couple of weeks away from the one year anniversary of submitting our I-130 and to still be facing such a substantial wait is heartbreaking. Thank you to everyone who has been posting in this thread, it really helps to see what is going on with others and be able to understand the situation a little better. Let's hope for everyone's sake they release a whole big bunch of interview slots soon to make up for the recent complete lack of interviews. I guess that is all we can do right now.
  11. Took us 277 days for I-130 approval applying from within the UK. Thankfully the NVC phase went a bit quicker at just over 2 months but now we are looking at roughly a 4-6 month wait for the embassy interview to take place. Looking at around 1.5 years total time for the whole process. It sure is a fun game..!
  12. Just to let you guys know, I have updated this thread with the outcome. We are now documentarily qualified, we did not submit further documents. We phoned the NVC who created a 'supervisor referral' and about a week later it was sorted with no further action from us needed. It was simply a glitch/error on their end. Good luck all!
  13. Just a final update to this topic for future reference of anyone experiencing the same issue. Today we received the email letting us know that we are now documentarily qualified! So it was in fact a glitch on their end. We did not have to submit further documents. We phoned the NVC phoneline and the person we spoke to created a 'supervisor referral' because she believed that the mistake was on their end. She said the supervisor would take a look at it as soon as possible, which could take up to 6 weeks, but is usually a lot quicker. Roughly a week later we got the notice that all documents were approved and we are documentarily qualified. We did not need to take any further action, did not submit any new documents, and did not 'go to the back of the queue', so to speak. Good luck to anyone who experiences the same issue, hope this information helps!
  14. We had something similar claiming our tax documents were missing when they weren't, see this post for the outcome:
  15. Thank you for your excellent advice, it is really appreciated! After reading your reply we decided to call the NVC again to talk to them about it and finally managed to get through after a 2 hour hold! The lady on the phone said that it was actually an issue on their end, like you said! We also noticed that two of the joint sponsors documents were still showing as 'submitted' when everything else was 'accepted'. On the phone they said the request for both the W2/1099 AND the documents still being marked as 'submitted' was an issue there end. She said that she could see all the documents had been reviewed and accepted and that perhaps somebody just forgot to mark a couple of them as accepted on the web portal. It's all a bit crazy, she created a 'supervisor referral' but said it could take up to 6 weeks to fix this issue! Although she was hopeful it would be quicker. Just leaving this here to say you were definitely right and thanks for the reply. Also, so that anybody who has this issue in future can see what happened with our case. Thanks again! I think if you have to resubmit documents you go to the back of the queue again, so currently around 38 days I think?
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