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  1. Thanks! This was for sure the plan! I didnt know this was a different option! How does it differ from filing back home, please?
  2. Yeah, I'd bring proof tenancy and employment and other such documentation I think
  3. As I understand it, I can enter on an ESTA for marriage as long as I return home. This would be the case for anybody doing destination weddings. As long as I don't enter with the intention to stay/AOS
  4. So sorry to hear about that experience, it must have been so frustrating and awful. I'll be sure carry any and all copies of my CR1 application with me (which is what I did with my exhusband actually) and extra info proving my ties back home. Thank you for sharing and all your help!
  5. Ah this is great! Thank you. Did you ever run into any issues upon entry during your visits?
  6. Thank you so much for the detailed info! Could I use my tenancy agreement with a letter from my landlord perhaps, as well as my employment contract and a letter from my employer, too, do you think? With any other ties, what could you suggest?
  7. Oh wow! Small world haha. That is an insanely cheap ticket, too! Thank you kindly for your generous offer, I think its absolutely wonderful of you! I will certainly discuss this with my partner and will surely be in touch.
  8. This is amazing thank you! Follow up question - I live in shared accommodation and have a tenancy agreement from 2018 with no end date. Could I supply this as well as a dated letter from my landlord stating I am still residing here?
  9. Tell me about it. At least now some of the delays experienced last time will be minimised (my exhusband and I running frantic without actually DOING anything for example) but I'm not expecting miracles.
  10. Thank you! I have filed for a CR1 previously but the marriage broke down (right on the cusp of approval, too) so I have some experience with what is needed. I attended interview and medical examination and received all vaccinations needed, so this will be a process I'm at least somewhat familiar with. I have all of the prior paperwork so will follow that as a guideline (with the addition of the divorce papers and checking to see if the payments have changed).
  11. Oh I understand now. When I file for my CR1, am I able to still visit my then-spouse?
  12. I'm sorry could I ask what you mean by relevant proclamations? My apologies, I meant CR1. Thank you
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