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  1. Thanks for the advice. I had my wife write her and address in gujarati and uploaded the documentation. Thanks
  2. I had her write her name and address in Guj. I add her write her name and address in gujarati as per the requirement. I had her write her name and address in foreign. All good here. Thanks.
  3. My wife and I are completing the i130 and i130a forms. For foreign beneficiary address, we are stumped what to write for province since India has states. Not provinces. If we skip province, then the address won't include a state which seems weird and is not the full address. For those who filed, do we enter Gujarat as the province? The instructions don't mention anything about this either. Thanks!
  4. No. We only speak in English. Never seen her write another language beside English. My apologize guess I didn't understand correctly. I understand and would never lie. I apologize. After researching here I found the answers.
  5. Correct I don't know. She is Gujarati but I speak to her in english only. Can I claim her native language is english?
  6. Hi All, I am confused on 2 items on the i130 file while filing online. 1) My wife is Gujarati and her native language is Gujarati. Does Gujarati use Roman Letters? I am stumped as to what to do for the "Native Language" section..... If the beneficiary's native written language does not use Roman letters, upload a document with his or her name and foreign address in their native written language. If you have a test or word processing document you would like to submit for evidence, send us a PDF version of the file. 2) My wife had her name changed and this is reflected on her current passport. In the I130 file, I will use her new name. The file has a section asking about maiden name. Do I need to enter her maiden name. Do I need to enter her former name? if so, do I need submit proof of a legal name change? will marriage certificate work?
  7. Recently filed for my wife. She changed her last name to reflect mine. Passport was reissued and the passport number changed. The i130 form has the old passport number. Is it ok? please advise on next steps
  8. When filing online, the ability to put n/a is not applicable.
  9. Hi, I am filing i130 for my wife who is my spouse beneficiary. I have 3 questions 1) my wife residence is in Gujarat. The online file doesn't ask for a state it says province only. Can I write Gujarat in the province field? 2) in cases where the question is not applicable such as if I have any other names, I cannot write N/A, can i skip the question? 3) in terms of native language, does my spouse need to write her name and address in gujarati (her native language)?
  10. Hi is it mandatory to complete i130a along with i130? I am filing petition for my spouse who is in india. I will do online. Please confirm.
  11. Hi, I am starting to complete i130 online. Seems very easy and straight forward. Just have a few questions 1) will the USCIS website prompt me to complete i130a, and g1145? Or that I will need to send by mail and do only i130 online? 2) as I understand, paper mail requires a cover letter. Is the same true for online application? 3) USCIS instructions require 2 passport size photos with the person name on the back of the photo, this will require me to upload 2 pics (front and back) will the online app allow me to upload pics like this?
  12. On passport, Monty M is my given name Generally Monty is my first name M is my middle name
  13. Hi on my US passport my given name is Monty M and my surname is Patel When I file i130 and enter my info First name Middle name Last name What do i enter? Monty M for my first name? Or Monty and middle name is M?
  14. Ohok. Sorry to hear that. However, from what I read, the medical is limited to certain items only. I don't recall seeing this item as one.
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