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  1. He went back to Melbourne because the borders opened back up. Our status on the CEAC website was still "Administrative Processing" until Tuesday morning when it changed to "Issed". They shipped it out Tuesday the 19th, and the hotel forwarded it to his home address and he just needs the travel exemption now I think there was a delay because as someone correctly pointed out, Monday was a US federal holiday.
  2. Is there an e-mail I can reach them at post-interview or something? It's Monday over there and the auspost still hasn't updated the tracking for the prepaid envelope he left them, which is to say - it seems like they have not sent it out. His parents are at his Melbourne address, but nothing has been sent there from my knowledge.
  3. My husband is still waiting at the hotel in Sydney to receive his passport and travel documents from the consulate after interviewing on Tuesday morning. As far as I know, there are still border closure between NSW and VIC. If they do not open the borders, he is not going to return to Melb, but rather fly to USA from Sydney.
  4. Thanks, no luck yet. I don't think they'll send it out over the weekend either. Hopefully by next week... And no news for the travel exemption yet either.
  5. Hi! We got the email asking for correspondence to schedule an interview on December 9. On December 9 we replied and we received a response on December 13 telling us our interview will be on 12-Jan. The interview went smooth, now my husband is basically stranded in Sydney because he's from Melbourne. He's asked the consulate to mail him the passport/whatever else to his hotel so he can travel straight to USA from Sydney. Unfortunately there's been no movement on neither the travel exemption to leave the country, nor the passport so we're just bleeding $ since he has to keep extending his hotel stay. Does anyone else have an estimate or is anyone else waiting right now for getting their passport/docs back from the consulate? How long does it typically take? We've been waiting since the 12th. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone I've been lurking on this thread for a couple of months now lol. My husband has been in Melbourne, when we heard they were lifting the lockdown restrictions we requested an expedite so that maybe he could have been hear after new years. At first, -On 11/9 we got an e-mail saying our "Immigration Appointment was Cancelled" even though there was never any immigration appointment scheduled. -On 11/14 we got an e-mail saying our request for expedite has been approved. We have heard no news since 11/14. No interview appointment has yet been assigned to us. I'm getting worried and depressed. I haven't seen anyone wait almost a month between getting their request for expedite approved and having an interview scheduled. Anyone else in same boat? VISA CLASS: CR1 YOUR CASE IS CURRENTLY AT: SYDNEY FOREIGN STATE OF CHARGEABILITY: AUSTRALIA INTERVIEW LOCATION: SYDNEY PRIORITY DATE: 29-JUL-2019
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