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  1. Hi Guys, My case got approved 2 weeks ago and I received my visa in the passport last week. I hope yours goes through soon. fingers crossed for you all
  2. @OverThePond @A&C2020 thanks both. Literally been checking all throughout the day for the last 2 weeks and nothing has popped up. I’m guessing I’m waiting for any cancellation or the 1st of December is my best chance.
  3. Guys any idea of the best time of day to get any appointment on the website? I keep login back in and nothing is available. Any help would be appreciated
  4. @Uktous11 honestly I was very much surprised as you are! I filled three expedited forms and two got declined and I never heard back from the third. then at like 4am (2 weeks ago) it got approved. I think they review it on a case by case bases and I did mention the job offer I had were considering filling my next position due to the length it’s taken. I hope that helps
  5. @Wuozopo I found a post you listed a year ago regarding not waiting for the embassy to schedule your visa interview. My case had been expedited and I still haven’t received any update. So I set up an account using your step by step guide and now I’m waiting on the interviews to become available. Anymore hacks would be very much appreciated?
  6. Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help. After 3 years I’m finally able to book my interview for my immigration visa. Although I have set up an account and it doesn’t show any appointments. I have been checking religiously for 2 days and nothing is available. Does anyone know when they release these appointments? I did manage to book my medical for next week. please help if you have any experience on this. Thank you in advance
  7. @Renata V @SusieQQQ Finally some news my end, I received the following email last week: " The U.S. Embassy or Consulate in London, Great Britain And Northern Ireland approved your request to process your immigrant visa case expeditiously. We are forwarding your case file to the embassy or consulate for their action. The Consular Section will contact you to schedule your visa interview once they receive your case file. This can take several weeks.. If there is a change to your address (mail or email) or phone number, please tell the U.S. Embassy or Consulate right away to ensure they know how to get in touch with you. You can find contact information online at usembassy.gov." I'm hoping its a matter of weeks not another long que I have joined, but I would appreciate if anyone knew the timescale I'm looking at now?
  8. @SusieQQQ have seen any movements on the interviews being scheduled for this type of visa yet and if so what dates are they working from? you always seem to have the inside knowledge
  9. @Chris84 haha you're like me. Coming up with educated theories and then realising its still one big guessing game. My application became DQ in November 2020. Once you get an interview can you please post on this feed. Then I can come up with another random theory to guess when my interview date will behaha. fingers crossed you get yours this month
  10. @Van24 thank you that's so helpful, thanks for sharing. fingers crossed they start process more applications
  11. @chris84 fingers crossed for us both. Sounds like you know something better than I do… why do think we will get something mid month? I’m curious
  12. @chris84 any news your end. I've had nothing.
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