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  1. Our interview was scheduled for May 10! things are moving for november filers!!
  2. Thanks for the reply! I believe it might be because of the local offices as EvaT pointed out, the AP should have helped too, one less document to process I'm guessing.
  3. HI congrats on your approval!! Would you mind sharing if you expedited your case as some September filers are still waiting for their interview date and yours seemed to move very quickly. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Congrats to everyone getting their EADs. Just wondering if you all expedited your request? I'm a bit confused as the processing times on USCIS website suggests this for I765's filed through AOS : 20 Months to 21.5 Months Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] May 18, 2020
  5. Hi yes, it was 8 weeks from the first of 3 sputum test. I'm assuming Visamedicals sent the results maybe end of week 7. They didn't notify me so I cant say for sure but people on here say it usually takes around 3 days from sending medical to getting the issued status. So you might not have to wait full 8 weeks like me, but again it depends on how long it takes the bacteria to form for each individual. Goodluck on your results 🤗
  6. I'm dumb, i forgot to put the actual medical timeline 🤦‍♂️ It took 8 weeks from the first sputum test till "issued" status.
  7. Anyone waiting for their result from London or for future queries, my visa got issued today and it's getting delivered tomorrow. VisaMedicals didn't call me or notify when the result was ready, they seem to have sent the results directly.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I’d already reached out to Txdoc, been basically stalking everyone who’s done the sputum screen in London 😆. By your dates, looks like it took a bit more than 8 weeks for them. Helps a bit!
  9. Hi, for anyone who had to go through the sputum testing through visa medicals in London, how long did it take to get the results? I am nearing end of 8 weeks since the 3rd test and they have yet to call me. Looking at the Philippines threads, most receive their results during the 8th week, so wondering (and stressing) how it is for London.
  10. How long did your sputum test take? I’m at week 7 still no update 😢
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