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  1. Gypsyangel

    I miss Canada oh so much :(

    Hi, Yes, it's quite an adjustment, especially after all the activity of immigrating and then actually moving. Then your spouse goes back to their life and you feel a little stranded. And isolated. The good news is that, if you're finding it had to adjust, it just means you're normal. A couple of tips that I found useful: 1) Before you moved, I'm sure you had a picture in your head of your life together with your loved one. Keep that picture in your mind (feel the joy and excitement of it - you're one step closer to making that dream a reality), maybe adjust it a bit, but keep that dream alive in your heart as a goal. Maybe put something physical in your living space to remind you. It's not going to be fully realized until you get your feet under you, but you're a whole lot closer than you were before you moved. 2) You've made a huge change in your life. You left behind family, friends, a job/career, all the familiar things that feel like home. No matter how much you wanted to move, it's likely you're going to miss all those things. I think that's ok. Save a little time to be sad. Don't let it take over every day, but also don't talk yourself out of being sad. It is sad. Maybe you're going to wonder if you made a big mistake. It's completely normal to think that, but it doesn't mean it's true. 3) You've said good-by to the old, but it takes awhile to establish the new. You're in a gap. Gaps make us nervous, especially when we don't know where we're going. It makes us want to run back to what we know. And when you've moved to a whole new country, that is not easy. So, we're in the gap. My mantra in the gap is "I don't know what's going on, and that's ok." The good news is it's completely normal to feel homesick, and out of sorts. While waiting for AP, or even in the early stages, find those things that make you feel grounded and like home. Explore. Go for walks, make good food, get out of the house, even if just to go for coffee, establish new routines. It's going to be incumbent on you to reach out more to people - both back at home and in your new home. With technology, it's pretty easy. It's just different. Hang in there! You got this! Karen