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  1. I don't think complaining about the embassy on a public forum is going to help the situation. My husband just did his interview today at the embassy with a DQ of June 2, 2020. They are working through a huge backlog of IR1 / CR1 and K-1 from the pandemic as well as catching up on all the categories that had been banned and are no longer. Plus helping out the counties in the region where the Embassies are not open. You just have to be a little patient. If you have an actual emergency they seem to be willing to help with expediting but, don't be mad just because you have to wait longer than 3 months from DQ date (this is not typical for this time). You don't know everyone's situation - they could have a true reason to expedite which is why they go first. Patience, patience, patience....
  2. It is not difficult to get a copy of a UAE birth certificate. My husband had to get a new original copy of his and was able to do it within a day with a payment of 100 aed (for English and Arabic). And he was born in the uae back in the 70’s 😉 Good Luck!
  3. Hello, I suggest reading the responses in this topic to get an idea of how many of us are waiting for interviews in this category. So many people in the UAE are CR1 and IR1 DQ from long back (I personally know people waiting since March this year) and no interview yet. There is nothing to do but wait for the embassy to start more interviews, unless you have a true reason to request an expedite.
  4. Not new at all, the visit visa is meant for non immigrants. If you try to adjust status from a visit visa you could potentially get in trouble for making false statements since that is what they always ask before allowing you to enter the US - do you have plans to return to your home country. If you come into the country with the intent to immigrate then this would be a lie. With Covid some people say they are accepting more reasons for why you would enter as a visitor and then apply for AOS but, there is still always this possibility. My lawyer warned me about this. Just be careful.
  5. You can but you have to prove you didn’t intend to immigrate when you travelled on your visit visa because that could be considered visa fraud.
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