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  1. i got this email from the embassy saying : You submitted forms and supporting documents to the NVC in electronic form. You must present the original forms and documents for review by the consular officer during your interview. does this mean i have to bring all my documents with me at the interview ? or at their site says that : EACH applicant no matter their age must submit to the embassy two (2) weeks prior to the visa interview unless otherwise noted. Send your documents via express courier to the Consular Section, U.S. Embassy in Tirana
  2. hello all. I have to schedule an appointment online for my medical examination in albania . Do you have to submit the results exactly three weeks before the interview or the embassy accepts the results even in two and a half weeks . thank you
  3. i will tell you what they asked at the interview thank you
  4. hello all Where can I find my ds-260 number as i am trying to register for medical examination appointment online but can not find it .Where do I look for it? thank you all
  5. hello all. I just got my visa interview date for CR1 visa category .My sponsor and joint sponsor have filed I-864 but live in the US and not in my country .Do I need a signed document and tax returns at the interview ? thank you
  6. i got my interview date today and it is in 11 march
  7. i was dq in 10 july 2020 ,sorry i had mistaken my dq date when i made that post .Thanks for giving information about the embassy.They have been issuing visas despite of what they say in the site but i know there is a backlog .We are waiting for interview
  8. Hello all . I was documentarily qualified on 10 july 2020.My priority date is 10 july 2019, .My question is can i expedite my case if the only reason being is delay by NVC ? and if not how long is considered delay by NVC for expediting a case ?do they usually expedite for this reason? thank you
  9. hello all. Does anyone have any idea how long does it take for NVC to send case to US embassy for CR1 visa category ? thank you
  10. this is good news .I will keep you updated if they notify me for an interview
  11. guys i found this down below that the us embassy announced .do you know what this means ? 9 December, 2020 U.S. Embassy Tirana is only processing visa applications from Albanian nationals or those who have an Albanian residence permit. Appointments made by third-country nationals who do not meet these requirements will be cancelled.
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