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  1. It really is a mysterious process - but you will get through to the other side! Wishing you good luck and congrats on your new arrival too!
  2. Have you checked out this topic discussion? It might be helpful to read through to give you an idea of how things are going at the London embassy.
  3. I got to the US at the end of February 2021, and had my SS in about 1 week and my green card in about 3. I paid my $220 fee before leaving the UK. Hope you are settling in well!
  4. Hey! I have been in a somewhat similar situation to you, and we have recently made it over to the US after getting my spouse visa. My husband is a US citizen (a dual UK/ US). We met and married in the UK. I am Irish. His job (which he was doing in the UK but for a US firm) was moving him back to the US. We had to figure out the visa situation ourselves. We started last March and filed an I-130, filing direct to the USCIS in the US. The USCIS consular office in the London embassy was just closing then, so we had no option but to file directly with USCIS. Later down the line we did apply for an expedite, but no response. It took us just over 10 months from the first filing to me getting my visa in my hand - which is actually pretty quick, but it felt like a long time as there is very little communication during the process so you are very unsure how long it will all take and it could easily have taken a lot longer. We had been married for well over two years when we filed, have lived together for ten years and my husband has held his US based job for a long time, so that probably made our case a bit more straightforward. Upon request, we did have to supply extra documentation that my husband was intending to restablish domicile in the US after living so long in the UK, so anything you can do to prove that is helpful. We could show US banks accounts, have property here, and he had a US drivers license, etc, as well as his job confirming that his postition was moving to the US. That all helped. For the actual filing, we did it from home, ourselves - most is online and we also had to post in hard copies of some forms to a USCIS address in the US. We used my in law's US address, so I am sure using your soon to be Uncle - In - Laws address will be fine. There is a lot of information to read through on the USCIS site and help pages available there for the forms, take your time, read them all several times and take it step by step. Mostly it is done online. Then eventually, after quite a few steps, forms, fees, waiting and filings, you will get called for your interview at the US embassy in London! I would look on the USCIS website and read up on the I-130 forms, read up on and gather all the paperwork you will need, you can print out the forms and see what you need to fill out - just get as ready as you can before you apply. With your initial filing, you will need a lot of supporting documentation (that you send in as scans and then bring the originals to the interview) and that can take some time to get together and scanned. Finaincally, someone will need to sponsor you - either your husband or another person - so read up on all that is required for that, and if the job offer needs to be in place before you can apply or not (depending on your other financial circumstances) I spent a LONG time reading through so many of the forums here - which really helped - and gave me a good idea of the process, the steps and how it is looking during the pandemic, which of course has changed things greatly. It was a lot of effort, research, time and digging but it really helped. We needed to move as quickly as possible, but there was no response to our expedite process. One thought - it might be possible your husband may need to go ahead of you to the US to start his job, and you follow afterwards when you get your visa, if his new job require him to start asap. We were lucky and my husbands job being patient - along with Covid lockdowns - meant he could stay in the UK as we waited, but it was not certain that he could and we were prepared for all eventualities. GOOD LUCK! You've got this! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
  5. I just received my social security card in the post, it took just over a week to arrive from when I entered the US. So now just waiting for my green card to arrive too - I paid my fee before I left the UK. I am impressed how quickly they are processing things! Congratulations on getting you passport back - it's such a relief!!
  6. Oh gosh, that is a weird one having the two dates three months apart. I just checked mine, and it was created and printed 7 days apart, back in March 2020. I honestly can't work out which date they would use either - but I really hope someone here can give you an answer. Might it be worth applying for another police cert now, just in case you need it? I think, from memory, mine took a couple of weeks from my application to it being delivered. My friend is getting his US visa through Hong Kong now, and his HK police cert was out of date by the time he finally had his interview last week. They approved his visa at the interview, but won't issue it until he supplies a new, in date police cert which he is sorting out now. And I saw that same 6 month validity on the US embassy webiste, but it's defo valid for 12 months. I had my interview in London in Janaury 2021, and my March 2020 police cert was accepted.
  7. I don't have any advise I can offer, but honesty and explaining you situation to them as clearly as you can seems the best way. Good luck!
  8. We both live in the UK, and are moving to the US together for his work. He is a US citizen.
  9. The interview was very quick, just a few minutes. They asked how we met, where we lived at the time and when was I planning on move to the US. I was in and out of the embassy in less then 40 mins. So super delighted for you!!!!
  10. Thank you!! I also think the rapid antigen test is ok for the US too, I am just going in circles here and really appreciate hearing your thoughts. It's such a stressy time! Good luck with your trip and thank you again.
  11. Has anyone travelled recently from thr UK to the US with BA? I am trying to establish what is an 'acceptable' covid test - I can get a rapid antigen test or a PCR test, but the price difference is HUGE! I am hoping to use the rapid antigen test taken the day before travel at a clinic that can process the results within 15 mins and provide the official results. I just wanted to ask if anyone has and any issues with the airlines being particular about which test was taken. Thanks!
  12. I forgot to say at the interview, I was told it would be 1 - 2 weeks for my passport / visa to be returned. Mine was still within that timeframe, even though it took a bit longer than other peoples to be returned.
  13. I had my interview in London on the 21st Jan, was aprooved at the interview and received my passport back on the 2nd Feb. Others have had it back sooner. There was no obvious reason for my delay, but it still happened.
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