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  1. Great, Apostille is indeed the right word here. And it is comforting to know that it is not needed. Thank you.
  2. Hi, pushbrk, Thanks for responding. 1. The exact wording does not include the desired "full custody", but the arrangements do include the following elements: a. child is allowed out of UK and reside overseas (like emigration); b. father is allowed to visit child regularly though on a annual basis; c. other arrangements to make sure child stays in contact with natural father remotely and through trips. So our assumption is that the spirit of the order specifically affords the mother custody while granting father visitation right. 2. British document to be used abroad is advised to be 'legalized' by particular responsible government agency so it be recognized as official UK doc when presenting it overseas. The effect is somewhat like 'notarization' in US. My concern is on how the US Embassy in UK look at such document. So I am asking for people that may have experience to help/advise. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. Hi, I need some help in getting ready for the upcoming interview of my 6 years old stepdaughter in UK. While she is DQ'ed at NVC, we are not sure if we need a letter of consent from her natural father at the interview. What we do have is a family court child arrangements order issued 3 years ago specifying that she is allowed to leave UK to live with her mother in Taiwan. The following are the questions: 1. Is a separate letter from the birth father consenting to the immigration required even if a child arrangement order specifically grants her mother to take her out of UK to live in Taiwan? 2. If that court order is sufficient, does it need to be legalized before presenting it to the embassy? Anyone with some experience or knowledge of such issue, please kindly offer some pointers.
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