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  1. Thanks for this. After MANY discussions with the HR department of my husband's employer and also the insurer, I finally have coverage on my husband's plan without a SSN. We spoke to 2 different representatives from the insurer who kept advising us that I cannot have health insurance without a SSN, so we kept pushing back. After pushing for an investigation into the case through the employer's HR department, the insurer has finally admitted that their representatives were misinforming us and I qualify for retrospective coverage (thank goodness). @naturalgurl4, you must book an interview in MD. You can't just show up to the SSN office - the buildings are locked so no one can get in without an appointment. Call, call, call, call and call. I had to call daily for 2 weeks just to get the right information on how to book an appointment. The phone operators each told me something different (all incorrect) until I finally got to speak with a supervisor. Don't believe what you're told by the first operator! Call back again to see if you get the same info (and each SSN office is different in how they operate too). I tried to book an appointment with the Abingdon SSN office. They requested that I fax all my details (who the hell has a fax anymore). I also tried the Towson office and they required me to email my information to the supervisor. I couldn't even get the right email to send my details to from the operators, they gave me 3 different (and incorrect) email addresses for the supervisor. I finally managed to speak with that particular supervisor on the phone just to get his email address. I applied to both SSN offices in the hopes that 1 would get back to me sooner. Towson SSN office got back to me within 1 week after I finally received the right email address for the supervisor. Abingdon office got back to me 6 weeks after I faxed them (by then I had already had my interview with Towson). BEST OF LUCK! I hope you have much better luck than I did. I was ready to rip my hair out with rage.
  2. Hi lovely, I wish I had more information but I really have nothing beyond what I've posted. I've just contacted USCIS to see what they say. They've recommended that I sent a letter with my receipt number for the I-765 for me to get my social security number with my work permit. Beyond that, I've heard nothing and don't know what to do. I can't believe that DHS can take so long to confirm. Best of luck to you. Hang in there!
  3. @Villanelle thank you so much for this. I had been checking the SAVE link for the past 6 weeks. For the past 6 weeks it has been saying, 'SAVE has returned your case to Maryland Social Security Administration, SSA (single sign-on).' With that info, I've been contacting my local SSA office and the general SSA hotline. Local SSA office kept telling me, they don't care what the SAVE website was saying, it was still 'stuck with DHS'. The general SSA hotline couldn't help me at all. They advised me that they can't help me unless I already have a SSN. It was the same response across multiple agents for both points of contact. I felt like I just had to wait it out and hope for the best as no one was giving me any information on where to go next. From reading the forum, it seems like that's all you can do with SSA. The I-94 has my correct name, DOB and passport number. There are no errors on it so don't know what could be the issue there? My husband and I agreed that I will use my maiden name for this round of paperwork to make matters easier. I will adjust to my married name at a later date (happy to wait for ROC). Thank you for flagging this though. Thank you so much again. I'm hanging out by my mailbox, waiting for the mail out receipt from USCIS as recognition of my i-765. Then I can photocopy that and send along an amendment (noted about making that super clear it's an amendment and NOT a new filing).
  4. Thanks for this. I used my maiden name for all of the paperwork. I might still try following up with the I-765 anyway. Based on your info: if it works - then it's saved me a step (info already in the system for SSA, much easier when dealing with SSA agents over the phone who just want to deflect); if it's not worked - it's no different to my situation now. Ah the joys of the process. Need the patience of a saint.
  5. Thanks for that. I'll try the previous suggestion of asking them to use a placeholder SSN until I get a real one. Which state are you in pretty please? In the state of Maryland, I can't get a license without a SSN. The DMV won't even give me an appointment for my driver's knowledge test without one. I know it varies state to state.
  6. Thank you! We are trying to contact the HR department of my husband's company so that they can assist. So far Blue Shield (his insurer) won't accept it without a genuine SSN. I'll raise this possibility of a placeholder SSN with the HR department and see what they say.
  7. Thank you for commenting. I followed all the advice on the forum here: calling non-stop, bringing the SSA POMS with me to the interview etc. All of those tips worked wonderfully. However, the part that tripped me up is the long hold with DHS to approve my status (so that SSA can issue me a SSN). I noticed several people with green cards had that issue, but that was fixed by contacting USCIS. I'm on a K1 and now my I-94 has expired... I don't know where to go from here?
  8. Hi guys, I've scoured this forum for SSN info + many others. I'm hoping someone can help me with the next step. I think I know what needs to happen but am a little stressed given the rubbish experience with SSA so would appreciate advice / confirmation. Thanks all. Oct 20, 2020: Entered USA on K1 visa. Nov 14, 2020: Married my US hubby. Nov 16, 2020: Appointment for SSN with Towson office in Maryland. Nov 23, 2020: SSA sent me a letter to say my application has been received. Thereafter, I've called every 5 - 7 days, chasing my SSN. I was consistently told that it's been held up with Department of Homeland Security and waiting for DHS to approve. I don't understand why there could have been such a hold up? Dec 20, 2020: USCIS confirmed that they received my AOS bundle of paperwork. I had selected NO for SSN with the I-765 (employment authorization) as I had already started the process with SSA. Jan 2021: Kept calling Towson SSA office, still being told it's been held up with DHS. Jan 17, 2021: My I-94 expired on this date. Jan 19, 2021: Finally got through to someone at Towson SSA. Says my application is still being held up with DHS for approval. However, as my I-94 has expired, 'it is likely that I will be rejected by DHS and therefore be rejected for SSN' (quoting the SSA agent on the phone). Without SSN I can't get a license in the state of Maryland + can't be on my husband's health insurance (this is the part I'm the most stressed by). So now I am thinking my only step is to call USCIS and see if I can resubmit my I-765 to request for SSN with it. Is this right? Any other grand ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
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